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Dave Franco quotes Simple Plan’s ‘I’d Do Anything’ in a new Netflix movie

Ever since 2002, Simple Plan’s first single from their debut album – the song ‘I’d Do Anything’ has been deeply engraved in the minds of millions of people and still continues to be one of Simple Plan’s most recognizable tunes.

Big thanks to our very observative reader Yva we have now found out that a reference to this song has been made in a newly released Netflix film, co-produced by Channing Tatum, called 6 Balloons, which follows the struggles of Katie (Abbi Jacobson), who’s brother Seth (Dave Franco) is addicted to heroin.

Towards the movie’s end, around its 64th minute, the two siblings get into a car, where Dave Franco’s character tries to remember the words to the song ‘I’d Do Anything’ by Simple Plan, while his sister tries to make him stop and listen to her instead.

Check out the full conversation featuring the song’s lyrics below:

Katie: When I’m with you, all I see is you.
Seth: … What song is that?
Seth: *sings* I close my eyes…
Katie: Stop it.
Seth: *continues singing* And all I see is you..
Katie: Stop!
Seth: *continues singing* I close my eyes…
Katie: Stop it. Jesus, stop!
Seth: *continues singing* I try to sleep, I can’t forget you…

– 6 Balloons –

Check out the trailer for the movie below. 6 Balloons is now available on Netflix:

Simple Plan named 2nd most frequent band in the history of Warped Tour’s lineup!

Last week’s official announcement of the line-up of the very last Warped Tour, a popular alternative music festival tour in the United States, confirmed our earlier post that Simple Plan would be saying their goodbyes to Warped by attending this last tour and playing its every date.

The final edition of Warped Tour is of course bringing some very nostalgic vibes to the whole music scene, which is why Alternative Press recently dug through the archives and made a list of TOP 10 bands who appeared on Warped Tour the most. And lo and behold, Simple Plan actually take second place on this list! Check out what AP had to say about SP’s appearance on Warped Tour:

“Simple Plan, with their 11 appearances, take the coveted No.2 spot in the list of bands who have played Warped Tour the most. The Canadian pop-punk delegation are about to celebrate their 20th year of existence, playing Warped every year between 1999 and 2005 and then again in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Plus, they’re giving the tour a whole-hearted goodbye with a full cross-country run in 2018.”

We would argue that since AP is counting the band’s appearance on Warped Tour Australia (2013) – a sort of “spin-off” tour to the original U.S. Warped Tour, last year’s attendance of Warped Rewind At Sea should definitely count as well – meaning they appeared on Warped Tour – in one form or another – 12 times in total. However, since Less Than Jake, who are occupying the No.1 spot with 12 appearances also took part in Warped Rewind At Sea, Simple Plan still remain in 2nd place.

Check out the full list of TOP Warped Tour attending bands below (AP included the bands’ appearances on the final Warped Tour in 2018 on this list):

1. Less Than Jake (12 tours)
2. Simple Plan (11 tours)
3. Anti-Flag (10 tours)
4. Motion City Soundtrack (9 tours)
5. Motionless In White (9 tours)
6. Silverstein (8 tours)
7. Pennywise (8 tours)
8. Reel Big Fish (8 tours)
9. Every Time I Die (8 tours)
10. Sum 41 (8 tours)

La Presse names Pierre amongst ‘Artists who made Montreal shine’

The Canadian newspaper La Presse published an interesting article on their paid version “La Presse+” yesterday, which lists a number of Montreal-born artists, who carved their story into the history of their city or in other words (as the article states itself) “who made Montreal shine”.

Amongst names such as popular Canadian singers Leonard Cohen, Michel Rivard, Ginette Reno or La Bolduc, writer Saul Bellow, pianist Oscar Petterson, poet Émile Nelligan, painter Jean-Paul Riopelle or actor Marc Favreau, one special name – and quite possibly the youngest name on the list too – stands out from the list to us, Simple Plan fans, as the band’s lead singer Pierre Bouvier was also chosen as one of the most noteworthy Montreal artists – alongside his band.

Check out La Presse’s reasoning behind choosing Pierre amongst all these popular Montreal figures in English translation below [see the original French post here]:

Pierre Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan

The singer and musician of the pop-punk band Simple Plan was born in 1979 to an anglophone mother and a francophone father. Founded in 1999, Simple Plan celebrated international success and sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Their first record, entitled No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls, released in 2002, sold 3 million copies.

– La Presse (December 2017) –

Twitter’s 5th most mentioned Canadian band: Simple Plan

With the year coming to its close, Twitter Canada revealed yesterday the names of the most mentioned music-related Canadian accounts on this social network amongst other statistics from 2017.

In its report, the Canadian branch of one of the most popular social media sites, which is currently being used by 330 million people in the world, announced the TOP 5 most mentioned solo artists as well as duos and bands.

As you will be able to see from the list below, Simple Plan made it to the TOP 5, being placed as the 5th most mentioned Canadian band:

Solo artists:

1 – Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)
2 – Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes)
3 – Sebastien Olzanski (@sebtsb)
4 – The Weeknd (@theweeknd)
5 – Drake (@Drake)


1 – Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara)
2 – Nickelback (@Nickelback)
3 – Arcade Fire (@arcadefire)
4 – The Tragically Hip (@thehipdotcom)
5 – Simple Plan (@simpleplan)

Not only are Simple Plan the 5th most mentioned Canadian band, they’ve also been recently named the most followed Canadian band on Twitter – check out our post about that from this July.

WATCH: A Spanish contestant on ‘The Voice’ performed Simple Plan’s ‘Welcome To My Life’

This week, the live broadcast of the Spanish version of the popular singing competition The Voice (locally known as La Voz) featured a performance by the contestant Carmelo Jiménez, who chose one of Simple Plan’s most popular songs – ‘Welcome To My Life’ as the song that might help him reach the semifinals.

In the end however, Carmelo did not manage to go through to the next round. You can judge his performance of his Simple Plan cover yourself on the video below: