Charles Trippy about touring with Simple Plan: “We were all fangirling!”

Charles Trippy from the band We The Kings, who has been touring with Simple Plan practically non-stop for the past three months, has mentioned his feelings towards the band a couple of times in the past few days in various webchats and vlogs. Here you can read excerpts of some of them:

“It’s kinda funny how the world works, you know, I was kinda talking briefly… that how strange and awesome it’s been touring with Simple Plan, because I grew up playing, like, when I first start playing music it was probably ten, twelve years ago, right, it was 2000, 2001, 2002… that’s when Simple Plan came out, that’s when New Found Glory came out, that’s when Yellowcard was… They were already out, you know what it means, and Taking Back Sunday, so, first going on tour with Taking Back Sunday was that same feeling – like “Wow, now I’m on tour, hanging out and now we’re friends with Taking Back Sunday, this is kinda weird and awesome!”… So surreal.

Uhh, the Simple Plan thing: at first it was like fangirling and then, you know, we got used to each other, ‘cause we’re out there for three months, right? And at the end of the show, when they play the song… they always end with Perfect… It’s a great song, great song… It was kinda like one of those things I was stepping back and it was like “Wow, ok, I just ran out there half naked on stage, jumped on these dudes and they weren’t pissed. They loved it, they were having fun, ‘cause they knew us and we’re friends.” And it was like one of those surreal moments, you know what it means, it’s weird how the world kinda turns and works, you know, you’ll never know where you’re gonna be so you should always be accepting about opportunities.” – Charles Trippy in the YouNow webchat

The guys from Simple Plan have been amazingly nice people. It’s kind of crazy to kind of think about… you know, growing up, listening to these guys for ten years… and then, you know, going on tour with them. It’s kind of like… We were all fangirling, just like with Taking Back Sunday, we were trying to act cool, but it was really hard not to.” – Charles Trippy in the CTFxC vlog