David thanked fans for warm welcome after his on-stage debut after 2 years of absence

If you’ve been up to date with all the recent news about Simple Plan, you’re already aware that after two long years of fighting depression and working on his mental health, David Desrosiers finally rejoined Simple Plan on tour this past weekend on Warped Tour in Cleveland, Ohio. This exciting news obviously brought in thousands of reactions from fans from all around the world, who were extremely happy and proud to see David doing better and back to where we like to see him: rocking out on stage with his band.

So in the first social media post since February that he posted yesterday, David decided to express his gratitude to fans for their kindness that they’ve shown him for the past few years. Check out his little message below:

I just wanna thank everyone for being patient and so kind to me. I’m happy to be back and playing shows again for you. It was so much fun to be on stage playing music with the guys again. See you at the shows this summer!🤘🏻

– David Desrosiers –