EXCLUSIVE SimplePlan.cz sneak peek #1: Pierre Bouvier on Accès illimité

This Sunday, March 15th 2015 at 9:30pm EST Simple Plan will be featured in the new episode of Accès illimité on TVA. We’ve already seen a couple of pictures from the filming of this special (here, here and here) but now you’re in for an even better treat!

Thanks to SimplePlan.cz’s collaboration with the production of Accès illimité, SimplePlan.cz has aquired 6 exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming episode of this program, which I will be revealing to you one by one every day until Sunday, when the full episode episode airs (yes, that means you will get two on each day of the weekend :)). You can check out more about Accès illimité on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

And finally – the first sneak peek includes a look at the interview with Pierre, who took Accès illimité’s Anouk Meunier to his favorite surfing place. Check it out:

Thanks to Veroe you can now also check out the English translation of this video:

Anouk: Hi!
Pierre: Hi, how are you?
Anouk: I’m fine and you?
Pierre: Good!

Anouk: How long have you been practising surfing?
Pierre: 7-8 years. It’s a sport that also helps me spiritually.
Anouk: Really?
Pierre: Yeah, it teaches you that things are a little bit out of control and sometimes you just have to let go.