Jeff and Seb meet with Montreal’s mayor and discuss plans to create jobs for local youth

Once again, Simple Plan are stepping in to create a positive change in their community. Jeff Stinco and Sebastien Lefebvre met up this morning once again with the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre in order to announce at a press conference more detail about the Municipal Plan for Employment the Simple Plan Foundation is involved in in cooperation with the city of Montreal and the Union Des Municipalités du Québec. According to the Simple Plan Foundation, 50 cities in Quebec have already pledged their support of this plan.

The goal of the plan, put together by Chuck’s father, André Comeau, is to ensure summer jobs to young people, mostly just transitioning from youth centers, who have been through rough times and otherwise would have found it very hard to get into the work environment. Read below Jeff’s full description of this project that Simple Plan Foundation is involved in:

“This morning, Seb, Montreal Mayor extraordinaire, Denis Coderre and I spoke about a plan (that we started 4 years ago) that Chuck’s dad, André Comeau, put together and that we (through the Simple Plan Foundation) support: cities across Quebec are creating summer jobs for kids transitioning from Youth Centers. It’s quite a mouth full and there’s a lot of people involved but basically, we are making sure that jobs are being offered to kids who had a rough patch and want to get their shit together. It’s 100% amazing and Denis Coderre went from offering 15 jobs last year to 38 this year: that’s what I call real political action. We want mayors across Quebec to do the same as him. Our goal is to create 300 jobs every summer for these kids who are ready for a change. Let’s stop talking about potholes and applaud the good things happening in Montreal.”

– Jeff Stinco –

By clicking on the image below, you can check out a picture of Jeff and Seb with Denis Coderre from this morning: