Jeff Stinco on David’s smooth return back after long absence due to fighting depression

David’s recent return to the band after a two year absence, while he had been focusing on his own mental health after suffering from depression for the past couple of years, has been something many fans have been anxiously anticipating for quite some time. But what was it like for the band’s dynamics, after they’ve already gotten used to performing as a four-piece act for the past two years, to welcome their fifth member back this summer?

A brand new interview with Jeff Stinco for Substream Magazine recently dived into this exact topic and the lead guitarist’s thoughts on David return.

All in all, despite his and his bandmates’ initial worries about the smoothness of David’s eventual return – since “the chemistry of the band seemed to have reestablished as a four-piece, and they thought they’d have to relearn living with him”, according to Jeff, the actual return of David came very naturally and all members very quickly got used to having David around once again.

Check out what else Jeff had to say about the importance of mental wellness:

“A lot of things in life just happen, and it just, you know, hits you. Physical injuries and illnesses are easy to conceptualize – if someone’s leg is in a cast, clearly they can’t walk – but there’s a stigma associated with admitting you’re not well in your mind. Struggling with your mental health is often criticized as a weakness or personal failing, but it’s not. I think David was actually quite courageous to take every single step possible to get better and get back on the road. He’s changed his lifestyle quite a bit, and now he’s on the road with us.

– Jeff Stinco –