Jeff travels to South Africa with his family to film a documentary about sustainable tourism

Earlier this week, Jeff Stinco departed to South Africa, joined by his girlfriend Mimi and daughters Zoé and Maya. This special trip is all part of the filming of two episodes of the TV program Partir Autrement en Famille, which focuses on exposing Canadian families to a different kind of tourism – a sustainable one. The goal of this program is to show families various fascinating destinations all over the world in order to financially contribute to the development of the regions they visit and prove that there are alternative destinations that offer hospitality and accommodation infrastructure that meets the minimum standards required by the industry, as well as attractive recreational and cultural activities that many tourists seek.

During their visit, the family will be able to interact with the local inhabitants and discover many aspects of the local culture.

Jeff’s Partir Autrement en Famille episodes will air later this year on TV5 in Canada. Until then, make sure to follow Jeff on Instagram for the latest updates from his special trip to South Africa.