We The Kings tease a secret collaboration with Simple Plan coming soon!

Ever since December, we’ve been aware that Pierre and Chuck from Simple Plan have been organizing songwriting sessions with Travis Clark, the lead singer of the American band We The Kings. And so far, we know of at least three songwriting sessions that these three musicians have done together.

Out of nowhere, though, today We The Kings posted a picture of Travis, Pierre and Chuck together on their band’s official Instagram profile, teasing something special that is coming “soon”:

“We The Kings x Simple Plan coming soon. What you might ask? Only the best.”

– We The Kings –

Now, let’s see what this “something” could possibly be!

We already know that the trio has written multiple songs together over the past few months and that the songwriting was done for Simple Plan’s purposes, not We The Kings’. We also know that Simple Plan planned on releasing some new music in the beginning of this year and Jeff was even spotted playing some new SP music on his Instagram recently. This all could technically mean we might expect Simple Plan to drop a brand new song, co-written by Travis Clark from We The Kings. But would just a songwriter’s credit really be worth a whole Instagram post/announcement for We The Kings? Nah, we don’t think so. Another possibility is that Travis Clark could actually be featured on a new Simple Plan song and perhaps even appear in a future music video. What else is left then is a joined tour for these two bands, who have previously already toured together multiple times – and we’re not gonna lie – we would definitely be up for another round!

But as We The Kings said, we shall see soon. How long is this “soon” gonna take, though? We’re gonna have to wait to find out! :)