Man Of The Hour is back with season 28!

It has been over 12 years and 27 seasons, that Patrick and Sebastien have been entertaining their loyal internet audience with their Man of The Hour podcast on Idobi radio. And after a short January break, the hosting duo now returns with a brand new season with new episodes airing every Wednesday!

The 28th season officially kicked off on February 6th with episode one, in which Patrick and Seb discussed the latest news from their New Year’s Eve happenings all the way to the Super Bowl half time show reactions. As of right now, you can already download the new episode for free right on the Idobi website, on your phone through the Podcasts app or just simply listen to it below:

Don’t forget that Man Of The Hour airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST and has a weekly rerun on Wednesdays at 11pm EST, Thursdays at 12pm EST, Fridays at 5am EST or Sundays at 3pm EST. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for free.