Mike from MXPX about Simple Plan: “I am proud to be friends with guys like that!”

My Australian friend Jen who runs the Simple Plan Space magazine recently had the opportunity to interview Mike Herrera, the lead singer of the band MxPx. And since Mike has crossed his paths with Simple Plan quite a few times in the past, she decided to ask a couple of questions about his connection with Reset, his thoughts on the dynamic of that band and what may have caused the troubles that came along with it. Mike also discusses his favourite SP song and the good times he had on tour with Simple Plan.

Here is an excerpt from Jen’s interview with Mike that features questions regarding Simple Plan:

Jen: What was it like touring with SP? Any stories you can share?

Mike: Well, they were so young, so young and they were excited to be out on tour, excited to be touring with an American band, and American punk band, that they were listening to. So they were always really cool, ever since then they have always treated us with so much respect, even though they are international super stars. They are great guys. As far as individual stories, gee… I have not even thought of that in so long, I may remember some more. They were like always taking the piss out of their guitar player Phil [back in Reset times], he was like a metal head and he did not quite fit in with the rest of band in the same way but he was a great guy, super nice guy, super good guitar player but he was sort of a little odd, that is what I remember about the dynamic of the band and maybe even partly why they ended up going like changing to Simple Plan, and getting new members, not that Phil was a jerk or anything, he was great but they were on different pages musically.

Jen: I have seen quite a few YouTube clips of your songs that the person uploaded saying thank you to SP for introducing them to your music. How did it feel to be part of the lyrics of Grow Up that has become an anthem of my generation?

Mike: Oh it’s cool! I remember hearing that for the first time and for me it is a shout out for some friends, which is nice. “It was why I first listened to your music.” That is right! *laughs*

Jen: I have also seen a video of David joining you on stage during a performance of Chick Magnet, is that the only time that one of SP has joined you on stage?

Mike: Uhmm.. David has come up a few times, he has played a few different songs with us on stage, during the years when we were doing a co-headlining tour. I don’t remember what year that was, early 2000’s I think that was in the US though, we did a lot of kinda messing around on stage and a lot of just hanging out, it was really fun. These guys have a good time and they love what they do and they treat people with a lot of respect. Which is something that I have always tried to do. Seeing these young guys come up and become very famous and still treat people so well. I am proud of that. I am proud to be friends with guys like that.

Jen: Have you kept in touch with any of SP?

Mike: Yeah, you know, like anything I don’t see them all the time but when I see them it’s all hugs and smiles and we catch up online, every now and then we talk online but like anything they are doing their thing, I am doing my thing.

Jen: Do you have a favourite SP song?

Mike: Um.. I don’t know if I have a favourite but there is one that definitely stands out to me.. let’s see… well, I would probably pick something of their first record.. That was the one that they were playing all the time when we were on tour with them, so we heard them all the time. I know “Addicted” was always a super catchy song, I always thought that was pretty damn funny.

For the rest of the interview, please check out the new April issue of Simple Plan Space.