Pierre explains where Simple Plan are in the process of making album #6

With the upcoming Australian No Pads tour slowly coming closer and closer, various media channels are getting ahold of the members of Simple Plan for an interview to get them talking about the tour and what’s up with Simple Plan in general as of late.

As you all know, after an exhausting 2017 that was almost exclusively filled with the 15th anniversary No Pads tour all over the world, Simple Plan took some well-deserved time off in the first months of 2018 in order to rest a bit. But don’t worry, they definitely haven’t forgotten about their most important goal of 2018: to make a follow-up album to their last studio effort – Taking One For The Team, which came out in 2016.

That topic exactly is what Pierre brought up in the most recent interview for the Australian website Hysteriamag, in which he discussed the current stage Simple Plan are in when it comes to producing the new record:

“We’ve got a couple of months off actually right now, which is very nice. We’re going to get some much-needed family time, a little bit of rest, start writing slowly. […] We’re not in full blown writing mode yet. But I think everybody’s thinking about it, obviously, because we haven’t had an album in about two years. We’re very slow. Honestly, we’re very slow, but it’s because we do take our time writing songs, and we want every album to be amazing. I think everybody kind of wants the next one to come out quicker, but we still need to get some rest and sort of get our ideas straight before we get going. Right now, it’s the phase where kind of anything goes. You can sort of try out a bunch of stuff, you know? Put out songs. Honestly, in the very beginning, everything’s kind of okay. Once in a while, it’s like, ‘Well this one’s good,’ you know? We’re not there. It’s still very early.

I think it sort of gets, not frustrating, but stressful, more towards the end, where it’s like, ‘Do we have an album? Is this good enough? Can we go to the studio now?’ Then you kind of look at the calendar, you’re like, ‘Oh shit, it would be fun if it was out in three to four months. Can we make it?’ That’s when it gets kind of stressful.’

– Pierre Bouvier –

As you can see, Simple Plan are still in the very early stages of working on a new record and with some of the band members still being on holiday, the stage could be described as a time where the band is trying to figure out which way to go, looking for inspiration and perhaps also figuring out who the producer of the record could be, who could help them reach their dream direction. The actual stage of song-writing is still yet to come.

If you’ve been following Simple Plan for a longer time, you already know that they are very slow at putting out records and even if they have some music ready, they take months and months making sure every single beat and every single tone is perfect and just the way they imagined. Hence why the new album can never be done within the snap of a finger. The interviewer for Hysteriamag brought up the recent situation where Beyoncé dropped an album without anybody even knowing she’s been working on one and therefore completely surprising all her fans with new music. According to Pierre, with his band’s presence on social media being so constant, this would be an impossible task to do for Simple Plan, as their fans are used to being told of the band’s every move:

“Here’s the thing, we don’t know about Beyoncé. […] Here’s the thing about it is that because we are so present on social that to pretend we’re not even thinking about an album for the next six months, I don’t think we can pull that off, you know? That’s how she surprised people, you know? She just had a picture of her at some fashion event, a picture of her there, but meanwhile, she spent days in the studio, writing and recording stuff, and she never tells anybody. That’s something she can do. I don’t know how she does it. We’re always on our social. We always get together. Whenever it’s time to record or do stuff, that if we actually go social media silent for a few months because we’re making an album, people are going to start to worry.

– Pierre Bouvier –

So while we can definitely forget about waking up one day in the near future with an announcement of a new Simple Plan album in the news, there’s definitely loads of other stuff to look forward to. In the following months, Simple Plan have a couple of tours planned – an appearance at Walt Disney World in Florida in March, a tour in Australia in April and a still-yet-to-be-announced South American tour. And after that the band is ready to fully invest all their time and energy into their sixth studio album, which we will be following closely as always, bringing you all the details here on SimplePlan.cz. And with any luck, you all could be holding a new Simple Plan album sometime next year.