Recap of last night’s show in Montreal, Canada

I think that if there was a show that a Simple Plan fan would do anything for to attend, that would be the show in Montreal, Canada. It’s Simple Plan’s hometown, so naturally the atmosphere gets very homey and everytime the guys perform at the Bell Center, it’s always an unforgettable experience – both for the band and the crowd. And yesterday’s show there was exactly that… if not even more.

(Photos from the show in Montreal, Canada on February 23rd – thanks Emilie for some of them + thumbnail image courtesy of Evan Kirkendall)

Since it was their home, the guys were welcomed not only by their fans, but also by their friends and families – for example Frenchie and Patrick Langlois with his son were all in the crowd having lots of fun. And just like it was announced before, Marie-Mai had her little cameo in the middle of Simple Plan’s set, when she showed up on the stage during Jet Lag.

From the reactions of the band (and also from the opening acts), the sold-out show in Montreal that brought in 11 700 people, was one of the best of the whole Canadian tour. “Montreal. I have no words to describe how incredible you were. I’ll never forget tonight. Thank you!” Pierre tweeted just a few moments after wrapping the show up with Perfect.

And speaking of the setlist, the guys changed it up again: this time, though, by cutting it down a little bit – but still keeping The Worst Day Ever and also the acoustic version of Crazy. You can check out the updated setlist from last night in it’s section.

Montreal was the last show of the tour for These Kids Wear Crowns, who said their goodbye to the Canadian crowds before heading Down Under. The tour now continues for the rest of the dates with only All Time Low, Marianas Trench and Simple Plan.

First photos from this show are already available in the gallery (click on the image on top of this article).

And also, I must not forget to mention the addition of some beautiful pictures from the shows in Toronto and London, which were sent to me by Tasha. Thanks!