Simple Plan aim to modernize the sound of No Pads on their 6th album

In a new interview for, Jeff Stinco discussed the soon-to-begin Australian tour and while at it, he also talked about the upcoming plans for the band, who is set to start working on their 6th studio album this year, after their tour is over [by the end of summer]. In this interview, Jeff mentioned that the idea is for the band to make the new album’s sound incorporate the best things their debut album offered – but with a modern touch.

Check out the band’s idea in Jeff’s own words below:

[On Simple Plan’s next plans in 2018]

We’re going to start winding down from touring and we’re gonna make a new record. So, we have Brazil, we have the States – we’re doing Warped Tour in the States, the whole Warped Tour, it’s the final edition, so it’s kind of a big deal. We’re stoked to be part of it. And then in the fall we’re gonna start making a new record. And yeah, we’re just excited. You know, as I said earlier, you go back, you revisit you catalogue and it makes you kind of realize what were the great things about what you were doing and what you kind of forgot to keep in your music, you know. There’s a lot of elements on that first record that need…. It needs to be modernized, but with ideas, concepts that we have to bring back to what we’re doing and we definitely will.

[On whether it is difficult for SP to modernize their music]

No. I think, for instance, there’s a song off our last record called ‘Boom’ – it did really well, it was never a single on the radio but oddly enough it kind of had a lot of hits on YouTube and on a bunch of playlists everywhere and it’s doing really really well. And that song has sort of a first-record-vibe with modern sounds and modern ideas. I think we kinda know what we need to do. I mean, we’ll see if we manage to do it right but we kinda know what the idea is to modernize that sound.

– Jeff Stinco –

You can listen to the whole interview below:

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