Simple Plan consider changing the way they release albums by releasing music in batches

Over the past decade, the music industry has changed dramatically. Instead of buying physical albums, people nowadays mostly consume music online and instead of using their CD players to listen to their favorite band’s new album, they can now connect to it with a simple push of a button on their favorite app. Streaming services, such as Spotify, which offer monthly subscriptions that get one an indefinite catalogue of music for the price of one album, have made such an impact on music consumption that artists must quickly adapt to this new reality if they do not wish to lose momentum and be forgotten.

And this exact issue is one that Chuck Comeau brought up in a recent interview for the Brazilian website Omelete, where he mentioned that Simple Plan are obviously aware of the recent changes in the music industry and are ready to face this challenge by changing their own established routines.

In the interview Chuck revealed that his band is currently toying with the idea of releasing their new music in a bit unconventional way than the fans have been used to so far. Check out what Chuck means by that below:

“With the emergence of Spotify and other ways of listening to music [than radio] people can find what they want to hear without having to go through the decision makers, who decide what you want to hear. You can decide for yourself now.”

“[…] This [No Pads] tour delayed the songwriting process of our next album, because it lasted longer than we expected, but the idea is to finish the tour in July or August. But as things have changed so much, maybe we will not release an entire album. We may release only a collection of songs, and a few months later another one. We might try new ways of releasing songs, but we’ll definitely release something soon after the tour is over, this is the plan.”

– Chuck Comeau –

Chuck’s proposed idea seems to be that Simple Plan might consider not releasing a full-length 12-songs-long album, but rather smaller-sized “compilations” of songs – perhaps EPs. It is certainly an interesting idea worth exploring as this would allow the band to spend less time writing songs and recording them and most importantly, it could bring them back on tour sooner than a full-length album.

It is important to note however that Simple Plan are still in the very early stages of creating their new record and hope to begin writing songs in a course of the next few weeks and then throughout the whole summer at least. Everything can still change until then.

How do you feel about Chuck’s idea of releasing songs in batches? Would you prefer getting less songs in a shorter amount of time or you’d rather wait longer for a full-length record?