Simple Plan reveal limited edition poster for co-headlining tour with State Champs

Only 4 days separate us now from the long-awaited return of Simple Plan on a proper tour – this time around on a co-headlining tour with State Champs across the United States that will kick off on October 29th in Richmond, VA.

In order to make this tour even more special, the two bands decided to hire a freelance graphic designer to design a special limited edition poster for this tour. Pat Hamou, a Montreal based artist, who specializes on music-related art was the one they picked to create this beautiful artwork, very likely inspired by the song ‘Where I Belong’, which the two bands released only a couple weeks ago.

This limited edition 24 x 18” screen print poster will be available every night on the ‘Where I Belong’ tour during this October and November. And since only 1000 copies will be printed, it’s first come first serve! So definitely make sure to grab this piece of beauty to commemorate this special tour for years to come.

You can either check out the poster in full here or watch the teaser video/gif for it below: