Simple Plan to start working on 6th record after March 2018

In a new interview for idobi radio that was filmed on the Warped Rewind At Sea cruise with Chuck and Sebastien, the two members of Simple Plan discussed various topics from attending this special pop-punk cruise, Warped Tour in general, their No Pads anniversary tour all the way to their upcoming album.

We’ve known for a while that the plans for next year are supposed to include a bit of touring and then making of a new record – however no specific time frames have been mentioned yet, since the dates for Australia and South American tour have not been officially announced. In this interview for idobi however, Chuck revealed for the first time that all the touring should be done by March 2018, after which Simple Plan should immediately go back to writing and hopefully soon finish their 6th studio album.

Check out Chuck’s direct quotes and also the whole interview on the video below:

“As soon as we’re done – I think we’re gonna wrap things up around March and at that moment we’re gonna start making a new record. And then we’re gonna get back to touring and do a regular Simple Plan tour.”

“We haven’t said it officially but there’s two places that are really important to us, that we haven’t been to with this anniversary tour, so South America – and Brazil in particular. So we need to go there, we’re working on that. And Australia. So these are the last two places we need to go to. And after that we’re gonna make a new record.”

– Chuck Comeau –