Simple Plan to announce a secret musical project at a press conference in Montreal

According to a press release [bit thanks to Janie for letting us know], local media are invited to a press conference in Montreal, Canada that will take place on October 24th at 10am. This press conference is hosted by Simple Plan and the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre.

The only known information about this press conference is that Simple Plan are expected to announce an unknown musical project and that the network of the Montreal public libraries is also somehow involved.

It is usually at this time of year when Simple Plan tend to announce or host their Simple Plan Foundation event – will this press conference reveal something about the Foundation’s plans or this year’s donation’s perhaps? Or could it be something entirely different? We shall wait and see what the press conference brings.

By October 24th Simple Plan will be done with the U.S. tour and it is currently unknown whether all the band members will be present at this press conference as Chuck and Pierre reside in the U.S. and they could possibly return home by then. The Montreal-based band members though are very likely to attend.