Sum 41 against Simple Plan… once again

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Simple Plan fans know very well that negative comments against the band are something we just have to deal with because they are not that uncommon. But what IS uncommon are similar comments coming from another band – what more a band from the same country (Canada) and a band that is of a similar music genre. Canadians Sum 41 can’t help it but to spice-up some interviews with negative remarks on Simple Plan from time to time.

You may remember one older video with Sum 41, in which the drummer Stevo Jocz states his opinion on Simple Plan:

“At the end of the day, I would probably rather eat a goat ball than watch “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan. Because, I think their album was called “No Pads, No Helmets, No Balls.”… no goat balls, no any balls. And I would rather eat a goat ball than watch that video or hear that band or hear the name, or even watch the movie, that has nothing to do with the band but they took the name. I wouldn’t watch that movie. I will not watch it. I would rather eat a goat’s ball. Just right off the goat.”

The band has recently performed on canadian Festivent, yes, on the same event that Simple Plan were among the performers as well. Apart from playing the songs on their set, Sum 41 played also a cover version of “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. Lead singer Deryck Whibley said to Le Soleil:

“Do you think Simple Plan would be able to play it?”

And what Simple Plan have to say about Sum 41? In one older Kerrang interview, the guys were asked about this on-going hypothetical fight between Simple Plan and Sum 41 and here is what the SP boys said:

Sum 41 told us they want to give you a “fat lip”. Who would win in a fight?

Pierre: Have you ever seen Sum 41? They are like elves! I would love for any one of them to try and give us a fat lip. It would probably be the easiest fight ever. Deryck [Whibley, frontman] would bring a security guard, and say “Beat them up for me”, because he’s not man enough. I feel bad for those guys…
Chuck: We have always been nice to them…
Pierre: …but they always talk shit on us.
David: He knows that Avril [Lavigne, Deryck’s [ex-] wife] really likes me. We went on tour together, and we spent some time together…
Pierre: I feel bad for him because he had to go sloppy seconds on his [ex-] wife. We like her, she’s friends with us, but her husband is a jackass.
David: He isn’t even five-feet tall!
Pierre: Let’s just say, we don’t feel threatened.
Jeff: Imagine waking up and having to wash that face in the mirror every morning…
David: He is a sloppy seconds troll, that sums it up!

Well.. let’s just hope that on the I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy, where both of these bands will be performing, Simple Plan and Sum 41 will keep some distance from each other. Just for safety.


Seems like the news are spreading really fast on the Internet. After publishing this article, such a passionate discussion started (mostly) on Twitter among the Simple Plan fans, that one of the members of Sum 41 responded to this matter. Thomas Thacker (@DUMMYADO), the newest member of Sum 41 tweeted:

For the record, I never talked shit about SP.