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New Simple Plan photoshoot from Manchester

Last week, during their short stay in Manchester, UK, the members of Simple Plan posed for this new fantastic photoshoot by the photographer Kelly Hamilton. Check out the photos in the gallery:

New photos from No Pads photoshoot (2002)

My colleagues over at managed to recover a number of pictures from the photoshoot from 2002 by F. Scott Schafer, which was used as a promo photoshoot for Simple Plan’s debut album ‘No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls’, which coindidentally just recently celebrated its 14th anniversary. Check out the new (or rather old) photos of […]

Simple Plan celebrate 14 years since debut album with new photoshoot

Yesterday, March 19th was the 14th anniversary of the release of Simple Plan’s first album No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. The band celebrated by posting a new photoshoot of the band by Chady and also shared the following message: “Lots of milestones today. 14 years since NPNHJB came out and exactly 1 month since our […]

VIDEO: More behind the scenes of TOFTT photoshoot

In another video from the making of the sports themed photoshoot for the album cover of ‘Taking One For The Team’, the guys will guide you through the tennis and ice-hockey photoshoots they did for their new record. Enjoy:

New photoshoot from Belgium

This past Sunday, when in Antwerp, Belgium, the members of Simple Plan did a photoshoot for Sempiternal Photography which turned out really good. Check out the 6 revealed shots of the guys from March 13th in the gallery:

New photo from 2016 photoshoot from La Presse

In a new article on La Presse, regarding the announcement of Simple Plan’s performance in Acton Vale, QC in August, another photo from the recently revealed photoshoot by Alain Roberge, was used. Check out this gorgeous picture of the full band in the gallery:

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