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New on-stage photoshoot of Simple Plan from Europe

Spoiler alert: One of the highlights of the 15th anniversary No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls tour is undoubtedly the moment in Grow Up, when in the middle of the song, Pierre and Chuck switch their places: Pierre takes over the drums and Chuck jumps into the crowd.

In one of the latest photoshoots that were released from the recent European No Pads tour, Simple Plan kept their positions from this highlight and immortalised his moment on camera in a pretty funny way. Check it out in the full size in our gallery:

Simple Plan will also be bringing this tour to Canada, USA and Japan soon. Check out all the upcoming NPNHJB 15th anniversary tour dates here.

GALLERY UPDATE: Photoshoots from the 2017 European tour

If you’ve been following Simple Plan on their social media in the past few weeks, you know that the band members have posted quite a number of professionally taken pictures (mostly by Chady) from various locations all over Europe.

So if you’d like to look at all of them together, you can now visit the SimplePlan.cz gallery and browse through 40+ photoshoots of Sebastien, Chuck, Pierre and Jeff from Europe. Enjoy:

New full band 2016 photoshoot from Europe

While wishing all their fellow Canadians a happy Canada Day yesterday, Simple Plan posted a never-seen-before photo from the 2016 European tour, which features all members of the band.

Have a look at this cool new picture in the gallery:

New official photos from Simple Plan’s U.S. No Pads tour

While the European tour was going on, Simple Plan published a bunch of new photos from their spring No Pads tour across the United States. They added couple of beautiful photoshoots taken by Chady Awad from behind the scenes of the tour of the band members – make sure to check those out in the Photoshoot category in our gallery:

And besides the photoshoots, you can now also find some more fantastic photos from the second part of the U.S. shows, once again taken by Chady. See the list of updates albums below:

April 7th – St Louis, MO
April 8th – Lawrence, KS
April 9th – Denver, CO
April 11th – Phoenix, AZ
April 14th – Los Angeles, CA
April 15th – San Francisco, CA