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New photoshoot of Simple Plan from New York City

When on the U.S. tour in October, Simple Plan took the time to sit down with the NKD magazine, which has just published a story about the band in their latest issue of their magazine [which you can read through here]. They also used the experience of their photographer Catherine Powell, who photographed Simple Plan […]

New photoshoot of Simple Plan

Simple Plan released yet another interesting new photo of the whole band from their recent tours, most probably taken in Europe by Chady. Check it out in the gallery:

New full-band photo from California

While in California last month, the band took a group photo before the show in Santa Ana, CA and last night they decided to show it to the fans on Instagram. Check out thsi awesome new pic Chady took below:

New photo from TOFTT pre-release-day photoshoot

With last night’s announcement about the postponing of the whole Canadian tour, which was supposed to kick off next week, many Canadian news sources are now reporting about this rescheduling. And we could say that at least something good came out of this whole unpleasant news – and that in these articles these news sources […]

New full band photo from Cleveland

Check out this awesome new group photo of Simple Plan taken backstage at the House Of Blues venue in Cleveland, Ohio, where Simple Plan performed yesterday:

Simple Plan photoshoots from the U.S. tour

Just like at the European tour, Simple Plan have got their friend Chady Awad on the road with them, taking professional pictures both on and off stage, visually documenting their tour. His pictures get posted on all of the guys’ Instagrams, along with the band’s official Instagram profile and you can now find all of […]

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