French-Canadian deluxe edition of “Get Your Heart On!” is out!

On July 17th, Simple Plan have re-released their latest album “Get Your Heart On!” in the French-speaking territories – that is mostly France and Canada – but this time with the version of the album that is considered to be deluxe (as mentioned in the post a couple weeks ago).

In comparison to the regular version of the album, this deluxe version includes the French version of Jet Lag and 3 versions of Summer Paradise: one feat. K’Naan, one feat. Sean Paul and then the French one feat. Sean Paul.

Although according to Sab, the French version of Summer Paradise that is featured on this deluxe version of the album is different from the one that we are used to as some of the lyrics have been changed. For example “Dehors la neige ne cesse de tomber” is replaced by “Le froid s’en prend à Montreal”.

Here you can check out the full tracklisting of this deluxe version of “Get Your Heart On!”, which is available for purchase for example via :

01. You Suck At Love
02. Can’t Keep My Hands Off You (ft. Rivers Cuomo)
03. Jet Lag (ft. Natasha Bedingfield)
04. Astronaut
05. Loser Of The Year
06. Anywhere Else But Here
07. Freaking Me Out (ft. Alex Gaskarth)
08. Summer Paradise (ft. K’naan)
09. Gone Too Soon
10. Last One Standing
11. This Song Saved My Life
12. Jet Lag (ft. Marie-Mai) [French version]
13. Summer Paradise (ft. Sean Paul)
14. Summer Paradise (ft. Sean Paul) [French version]