Contact the band

Band members

The only way how to reach the members of the band is to send them a short message via Twitter – they tend to reply back to fans quite a lot! The official Twitter profiles of each of the members are as follows:

Pierre Bouvier@PierreBouvier
Chuck Comeau@ChuckComeau
David Desrosiers@DavidDesrosiers
Sebastien Lefebvre@SebLefebvre
Jeff Stinco@Jeff Stinco


If you want to send Simple Plan a letter through regular mail, you can do so by mailing it to the following address:

Simple Plan
C.P. 636 Succ. Tour de la Bourse
Montreal, Quebec


Simple Plan’s management – Coalition Entertainment – can be reached via email:

Simple Plan Foundation

In case you need to reach the Simple Plan Foundation – with questions or actual donations, here’s a few ways how to contact them:


Simple Plan Foundation
800, Place Victoria, suite 4500
P.B. 391, Montreal, Qc, H4Z 1J2