’s acknowledgements

This is the place, where I’d like to thank each and every single person, that has ever visited, that’s every sent in a news story, a setlist a picture from a show, helped out with a translation or said hi at a show. Thank you so much, this website would not be here if it wasn’t for you!

However, there is a couple of people who deserve to be named on this spot:

Viola M. – my brilliant camera-girl, my unofficial PA and my best friend, who managed to record the whole 2nd interview despite being attacked by a bee at the same time.

Jess, Rachael and David B. – for coding previous layouts for me and all the help.

Bruno C. – for being a pal to me in this crazy fansite world.

Charbel C. – for his amazing help with translations from French and just doing so much for this website. Thank you, I owe you a lot.

Sab S. & Emilie L. – for their French translations and recaps over the years.

Amanda A. – the former leader of, who has always been there for all the SP fans and took care of bringing us news and even after closing SPO, she still co-operates with Thank you.

Sophie C. and Janie F. – for the ever-lasting support and providing their great pictures.

The Finnish Line (Laura K., Paula K. and Jenna L.) – my little soldiers on the EU tour, when I couldn’t be there. Thank you for your dedication, constant support, updates, photos and setlists.

Blanka Huňátová and the whole TV Óčko team – for all the support over the years to this day, shout-outs and invitations to the Simple Plan specials on T-Music Chart in 2008.

Veronika Boulterová, Michal Máka, Libor Lisý and the whole Warner Music Czech Republic team – for helping me organize my interviews Simple Plan, contests and for all their help and support.

Robert Vlcek (promoter – Conspiracy Concerts) – for all the help, info and support.

Katka Dedkova (promoter – Punx Not Dead + Aerodrome Festival) – for helping me organize my second & sixth interviews with Simple Plan and for her help and support.

Michael Šimon (promoter – Charm Music) – for all the help and support in preparation of the third SP show in Prague.

Devi Ekanand and the whole Coalition Music team – for their never-ending support of the website, contents, info and help with the set-up of interviews.

Fred Jerome – for the interview and for always being very kind and supportive.

Sim Klugerman – for his support, kindness, photos, talks, hard work and absolutely everything over the years.

And last but not the least – the very reasons this site is here – Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, David Desrosiers, Sebastien Lefebvre – it would take me an eternity to write down everything I am grateful for. Thank you, guys, for everything. I love you.