Privacy Policy collects the following information about its users (visitors):

Information that is given voluntarily. This is the case of comments under news posts. It includes a name (or a nickname), an e-mail address and other voluntarily given information in the comment itseld. In contact forms it includes information given in the contact forms (such as nickname or e-mail address) and these are only used for communication with you. If you don’t wish for any of the information voluntarily submitted by you to be on the website, please let us know.

Passively collected information – also knows as cookies are small files that the website saves via each web browser into each device that accesses it. We can imagine cookies as the website’s “memory” which helps it to recall the user on his next visit. Cookies don’t use up a lot of space on a computer – its size is usually only a few kilobytes. They also aren’t used to gather any sensitive data. Information gathered by using cookies are being processed by our analytical systems, such as Google Analytics, thanks to which we are capable of creating statistics about the behavior of the website’s visitors and track their visits. Because of that we are capable of making the content of the website better for you.

If you want to change you approval or disapproval of the use of cookies on this website, you can do it here.