From the band:

Simple Plan

“We love the site so much! Keep up the amazing work!”

– Simple Plan –

(as a congratulations to the website’s 11th anniversary in 2018)

Chuck Comeau

“Actually, there is this new section on SimplePlan.cz about fan tattoos! It’s amazing! I can’t believe we haven’t thought of doing it on our website before!”

– Chuck Comeau –

(in a live webchat in 2011 when talking about approving of SP fan tattoos)

“The site is more complete than the others!”

– Chuck Comeau –

“I’m a huge fan!”

– Chuck Comeau –

Pierre Bouvier

“Best site everrrr!”

– Pierre Bouvier –

“And I wanted to say something. There’s something about this place here, in Prague, in Czech Republic… there’s a lot of love for Simple Plan. And I wanna say thank you very much – I wanna say thank you.. to Dominika. Who runs SimplePlan.cz, which is actually better than our own website. And I know she’s a big reason why everybody’s here tonight. And I wanna say thank you very much!”

– Pierre Bouvier –

(during the show in Prague, Czech Republic, in March 2016)

Jeff Stinco

“You know, when I wanna look at my calendar, my schedule, I look at your site.”

– Jeff Stinco –

(during an interview for SimplePlan.cz in September 2011)

“I still read your site to learn things I don’t know about my band.”

– Jeff Stinco –

“Last night in Prague, Pierre made a speech about being grateful for the contribution of our fans to our success. He thanked Dominika for her work with www.simpleplan.cz and I’d like to join him to thank her as well. You’re the best! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”

– Jeff Stinco –

(on Instagram after the show in Prague, Czech Republic, in March 2016)

“These days, it’s media like the Internet and perhaps also TV, radio and print, that help the band out. But in the Czech Republic, there is another factor. Fans and their hard work. Many years ago, our big Czech fan Dominika Marsova started a website simpleplan.cz, and because she did it well and dutifully, the website and therefore even the band has gotten a lot more attention. And in the end of the process we have a sold-out Mala Sportovni Hala venue. It’s sort of a phenomenon. And it’s really great that something like that works. The whole music scene can’t be doing that bad if one fan with simple means can cause such an avalanche.”

– Jeff Stinco –

(in an interview for the Czech music magazine Rock & Pop in March 2016)

“The fans around the world gather and talk about the band. For example, the popularity of the band in Czech Republic is based only on one site which feeds the fans. She cultivates the promotion of the band, the girl’s called Dominika, she has begun it all over there. We are one of the biggest rock bands in the Czech Republic because of her.”

– Jeff Stinco –

(in an interview for Salut Bonjour in February 2017)

“And then we’re going to Europe. In Czech Republic especially, you know, we have… there’s many reasons for that.. we have a crazy fanbase in the Czech Republic. We’ve always had amazing shows, they’re probably the biggest shows we’ve had in all of Europe and I think it has something to do with the fact that we have a website.. a fan website in the Czech Republic that basically knows more about this band than I know myself! I actually check out the website to know my schedule ahead of the time.”

[Interviewer: It’s a bit scary, isn’t it?]

*(laughs)* “It’s a bit scary. I don’t know how she does it. I really don’t know.”

– Jeff Stinco –

(in an interview for Evropa 2 radio station in March 2017)

David Desrosiers

“The best Simple Plan fansite is from the Czech Republic! Yeah, it’s amazing… and now all the Brazilian fans will hate me. But that’s okay.”

– David Desrosiers –

(in an interview in Prague, Czech Republic, in September 2011)

Seb Lefebvre

“SimplePlan.cz is a precise and detailed fansite.”

– Seb Lefebvre –

(in episode 5 of season 18 of the Man Of The Hour radio show in 2015)

(after Patrick asks: “Has anyone ever done that? Like subtitle a French interview so that people of the world in English can see it?”) “I think so, I think some awesome, awesome but nerdy people at SimplePlan.cz would do that. Try to translate and bam – feed the world.”

– Seb Lefebvre –

(in episode 6 of season 19 of the Man Of The Hour radio show in 2015)

From the band’s crew:

“The guys from Simple Plan love it! And me too! It’s incredible. It’s updated like every other day. I don’t understand where you get most of your info from!”

– Sim Klugerman –

“You know we check the site every day, right?”

– Sim Klugerman –

“SimplePlan.cz is cool! Thx because of you!! The guys check that site often!”

– Frank Joly –

“Your web site is better then the original.”

– Frank Joly –

“You’re so quick at posting things!”

– Chady Awad –

From the media / labels:

“Love the site as always!”

– Jon Ableson –

(Alter The Press)

“We really love the way you run the website about Simple Plan. Sometimes you even have the information before us!”

– Veronika Boulterova –

(Warner Music Czech Republic)

“One of the best SP websites out there! Glad some great SP websites are around still.”

– Amanda Alfieri –

(former Simple Plan Online admin)

From the fans:

“I confess I’ve been a huge fan of SimplePlan.cz for years, it’s such a great site and you can find everything about SP there!”

– @SP__family –

“The best thing about SimplePlan.cz is that they post it before everyone else!”

– Yva, Belgium –

“SimplePlan.cz is even more complete than the official website. I don’t know what I’d do without it!”

– Beatrice, Italy –

“I really don’t know where I would be without SimplePlan.cz, I sit on there for like hours!”

– Ashley, USA –

“Best Simple Plan fansite!”

– Alex, Germany –

“I love SimplePlan.cz so much! It’s awesome!”

– Magalie, France –

“It’s the best!”

– Rowann, The Netherlands –

“Visiting SimplePlan.cz is always fun.”

– Emelie, Sweden –

“I like SP.cz so much cause here we can find the latest news about Simple Plan. Thank you for keeping it updated for all those years.”

– Dakota, China –

“The site is epic. Well deserved.”

– Alyssa, USA –

“That’s why I love SimplePlan.cz, they always have what I want about Simple Plan! One of the best sites about them!”

– Leticia, Brazil –

“To be honest, I LOVE this website! I think I’ve just ready almost all articles published there. Seriously, great job! Keep it up!”

– Adela, Czech Republic –

“I don’t like the site: I LOVE IT! Everytime I go to the site, my heart goes definitely on.”

– Sarah, Germany –

“The Czech site is actually much better than the other SP websites I’ve seen and is regularly updated. I am impressed with Dominika’s website.”

– Sophie, United Kingdom –

“SimplePlan.cz is like Gossip Girl but for Astronauts only.”

– Manye, France –

“SimplePlan.cz is the best website about SP EVER! Well done!”

– Emilie, Poland –

“You are like the best fan site ever!! It’s where I go for all my Simple Plan news. Keep up the good work!!”

– R.J., Canada –

“SimplePlan.cz is one of my favourite sites, it’s really awesome-like Simple Plan wikipedia or something.”

– Sabina, Slovenia –

“They update all the time and include so much! It’s like they follow SP around all day because they always have something to write about them.”

– Maddie, Australia –

“I think [Taking One For The Team] is even more special cuz’ I followed all the way with SimplePlan.cz, [it’s] like a bridge from SP to fans. Thank you! The best site ever!”

– Joe, Mexico –

“I check it more than I check the real SP website cuz let’s face it: SPcz updates WAY more than the SP site.”

– @sebsoxsomeguita, Canada –

“I will always be here supporting this amazing website and wondering how Dominika can run it by herself… Thanks again SP for bringing people together! Beyond grateful not ever being alone in the fansite chaos!”

– Anna, Brazil –

“Best Simple Plan site ever! Better up to date than the official one. [Dominika’s] forever doing an awesome job.”

– Jani, Germany –

“The first time I was on [SimplePlan.cz] was 10 years ago. I visit it more than Simple Plan’s website. Congrats!”

– Bianca, Switzerland –

“The best 11 years on the Internet.”

– Chris, United Kingdom –

“I met some of the best people in my life thanks to Dominika and SimplePlan.cz.”

– Jana, Slovakia –

“Thank you for your dedication in documenting all of the important moments in Simple Plan’s career and creating a community of fans worldwide where we can share our passion for the band. I first discovered your website/blog about 10/11 years ago when it was linked to an online platform for music fans (not myspace). After reading about the band on your site, I learned that Simple Plan is so much more than just a typical “boy band”. This changed me from being just a “casual” fan to a “serious” fan. Flash forward to 2010 when the band recorded GYHO in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. It was through your updates that I knew that Simple Plan was even in town and the name of the studio where they were recording. In October, I knew from Simpleplan.cz that they were finishing recording. I took a chance and called the studio. The band was nice enough to let me come down and tour the studio! No one in my core group of friends has ever been a serious fan, so it has been hard for me to talk about Simple Plan without sounding like a crazy fangirl to them. Luckily I have the connection of fans through your website! I have learned about so many amazing bands (ie. Amasic/ Story Untold) from your posts when Simple Plan has collaborated with them. What I think differentiates your website from other fan sites is the quality of the content. I like that you keep the site interesting and respect the band member’s personal privacy.”

– Rae, Canada –

“I’m pretty sure I read simpleplan.cz more often than Simple Plan’s actual site. I try to contribute set lists or pictures whenever I can, I’m lucky that I live in Canada so I get to see shows quite often. I have so much respect for what you’ve created here and wish you nothing but the best in the future!

– Jennifer, Canada –

“I’ve been a avid follower of the page since the beginning. Always shared the post and SP.cz and sponline were my source of SP info. I will forever be thankful for all the work you do to bring us all the new info!!

– Adriana, USA –