Female singers of Jet Lag

In 2011 Simple Plan released their 4th studio album “Get Your Heart On!”, in which for the first time in their career they featured a song with a woman – well, with two of them actually: the song Jet Lag was released in two versions: the English one features the British singer Natasha Bedingfield, and the French one the French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai. Unfortunately, when touring, the guys usually don’t have any of these ladies to sing the female vocals in the song, so in most cases they have to use David. But when there is a lady who can sing around, the guys from Simple Plan do not hesitate to ask her to sing as Pierre’s singing partner. Ever since Simple Plan released Jet Lag, there have been a lot of girls, who sang the female parts – here you can check out their list and also compare each of the ladies’ singing skills:

Natasha Bedingfield

British singer Natasha Bedingfield is with Marie-Mai the official female collaborator on the song Jet Lag. Natasha sings on the English version of the song on the album and also appeared in the official music video.


French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai is along with Natasha the official female collaborate on the song Jet Lag. Marie-Mai was featured in the French version of the song and also appeared in the French version of the official music video. Apart from that she also does lots of cameos on Simple Plan shows all over Canada and sometimes also in Europe, namely in France. She also sometimes performs the English version too.

Coeur De Pirate

Canadian singer, who co-wrote the song Jet Lag with Simple Plan and was the band’s first choice for the French version of it. However, the band later decided to go with Marie-Mai and release her version as the official version for the French market. Coeur de Pirate finally sang Jet Lag with Simple Plan live at their benefit event for the Simple Plan Foundation in November 2013.

Saidah Baba Talibah

Canadian singer Saidah Baba Talibah is most probably the first “unofficial” singer of the song Jet Lag. She performed with Simple Plan in May 2011 on the Music Matters conference in Singapore.


The singer called SOFI (full name Sofia Toufa) who usually accompanies Deadmau5, performed “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan only once – during the Rock Im Park festival in Germany, in June 2011.

Sierra Kusterbeck

American singer Sierra Kusterbeck from the band VersaEmerge performed the song Jet Lag with Simple Plan on the German festival Rock Am Ring in June 2011.

Fefe Dobson

Canadian singer Fefe Dobson performed alongside Simple Plan with their song Jet Lag at the annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada in June 2011.

Vanessa Amorosi

Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi sang with Simple Plan in Australia during their performance at The Footy Show in September 2011 and also joined them in the studio concert at the Sunrise Festival of Music same year in October.

Jenna McDougall

Australian singer Jenna McDougall from the band Tonight Alive, which supported Simple Plan during their Australian tour in October/November 2011 was also invited to sing on Jet Lag with them at every show of the tour. Apart from that, she also performed with Simple Plan with the acoustic version of the song in the Today radio network.

Chantal Kreviazuk

The Canadian singer and song-writer Chantal Kreviazuk joined Simple Plan on Jet Lag during their New Years’ Eve performance at Niagara Falls at the end of 2011.

Kelly Cha

Chinese singer Kelly Cha first appeared on another version of the official Jet Lag music video. After that, during Simple Plan’s tour in Asia in January 2012, Kelly Cha sang Jet Lag live with them at their show in Beijing.

Tantri Kotak

As the Indonesian band Kotak was announced as the opening band for Simple Plan on their shows in Indonesia in January 2012, another version of the official music video for Jet Lag has been released, this time including scene with the members of the band Kotak instead of Bedingfield’s/Marie-Mai’s original scenes. The band’s singer – Tantri Kotak then performed Jet Lag live with Simple Plan on both of their shows in Indonesia.

My Tam

Vietnamese singer My Tam was asked to perform “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan during their performance at the MTV EXIT show in Hanoi, Vietnam in May 2012.

Christina Parie

Christina first got the attention of Simple Plan when she recorded a cover version of “Jet Lag” and posted it on YouTube. This Australian ex-X-Factor contestant has then been contacted by Simple Plan and asked to accompany them on their tour across Australia (in June 2012) and sing “Jet Lag” with them every night. Here you can see one of the videos from Melbourne, Australia.

Andee Leclerc

Andee first got into the minds of the Simple Plan fans after she started working on her music with Sebastien Lefebvre as her producer. At the Canada Day celebrations in Brampton, Canada in July 2014, where both Simple Plan and Andee performed, after Sebastien performed with Andee during her set, she then performed “Jet Lag” with Simple Plan during their performance.