The band Reset was formed in 1993 and it was an idea of Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau. The original name was Stone Garden – but when they found out in 1995, that a band with the same name already exists, they changed their name to Roach.

After a little break, the band decided to unite. They’ve decided, that their previous name didn’t suit them, so they started looking for a new name. Finally, they chose the name Reset.

The first members of Reset were Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Phil Jolicoeur (guitar/vocals), Charles Comeau (drumms) a Jean-Sebastien Boileau (bass). Together in this formation, the band recorded their first album – “No Worries”, that included 12 songs.

A few years later, Chuck left the band because of the never-ending fights with Pierre. After that, Reset recruited Adrian White, a drummer from Vancouver, as a replacement of Chuck. And because Jean-Sebastien had decided to leave the band too, Pierre had to start playing the bass in the band as well as sing.

They’ve recorded an album called “No Limits”. But soon after that (because of the differences between him and Adrien), Pierre decided to leave Reset too. At that point, not a single one of the founders of Reset was in it anymore. Pierre was replaced by David Desrosiers who Phil had met David at a show and liked his performance.

Charles Comeau (former drummer) later on reunited with Pierre at a Sugar Ray concert and since him and Jeff were already starting a new band at that point, they decided to give Pierre another shot. Later on, David left Reset as well to join the just starting-out Simple Plan. Without informing Phil or Adrian about it, he left the band because he didn’t like being in charge of it and was replaced by Julian Blair.

Since 2001, the band has moved from punk to more of a pop-punk genre and released new albums in 2004 (“Radioactive”) and 2008 (“No Intensity”). Reset is still functional to this day and every once in a while, the members of Simple Plan who used to be in the band join them on stage at various reunion shows.