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Band’s tour crew
[Note: the bios that are marked with an asterisk (*) have been written down and sent in by (rather tipsy) crew members themselves [some of them, at least]. So keep in mind that 0-100% of this information may be fake. But they were too good not to share. So there you go. Thanks, boys.]


Who is it? Danny is Simple Plan’s tour manager.
Where can he be found? This British fella first joined the Simple Plan tour on the first headlining tour in Europe in 2016, where he managed all three bands – The Bottom Line, Ghost Town and Simple Plan at the same time. He then returned for the second European tour in May 2016, where he “only” managed The Bottom Line and Simple Plan. In 2017 is back once more, but this time tour managing Simple Plan outside Europe as well – and it looks like he is back for good.
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Who is it? Sim is Simple Plan’s merch manager.
Where can he be found? Sim can be found all over taking care of the band and counting shirts. Sim believes in one universal truth: wherever the wind blows he shall be. He puts the Sim in Simple. Sim has previously toured with Simple Plan a number of times in the past, but is officially a part of the crew since 2010. For a period of time, he was also Simple Plan’s tour manager and photographer.
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Who is it? Chady is Simple Plan’s personal photographer, videographer and meet&greet manager.
Where can he be found? Chady can be found running all over stage getting the perfect shot showcasing the band’s true talents and art. Chady was born to an Oil Prince in Saudi Arabia. After a fight with his father the King over what is better, Pop Tarts in the toaster or freezer? Chady quickly escaped the wretched household he found himself in finding refuge in Montreal. Today he is a master photographer and master linguist speaking more than 11 languages including Navajo which he studies every day in his bunk… alone. Chady started touring with Simple Plan in 2012 – since then, he’s been in charge of photography and meet&greets.
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Who is it? Frank is Simple Plan’s FOH tech [sound engineer]
Where can he be found? He can be found at FOH mixing the live sound for the show. Frank came from a simple upbringing: he was raised on a farm – a tabacco farm to be exact. He has never smoked but loves the smell. Frank is training to become an Olympic speed walker and will be competing in the 2020 olympics for Canada.
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Who is it? Simple Plan’s light tech. He takes care of the entire light show. Including strobes which he loves sooo much.
Where can he be found? He can be found at Front of House with his best friend Frank Joly. Often doing light cues with his nose. His abilities and skills are unparalleled. He is known as Canada’s greatest light tech. This has been confirmed by Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau who LaChance can often be found enjoying lunch with at the Prime Minister’s house in Ottawa. Didier is a great guy and is always happy even when he’s sad.
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Who is it? Seb’s and Pierre’s guitar tech and Chuck’s drum tech
Where can he be found? He can be seen on the stage, taking care of the guitars and drums. He first joined the Simple Plan crew in spring 2017.
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Other important people around Simple Plan


Who is it? former webmaster of the official site / videographer / photographer / fashion designer / model / co-owner of Role Model Clothing / Man Of The Hour show co-host
Where could you have seen him? Patrick made cameos in a number of Simple Plan music videos and as a very close friend to the members o Simple Plan was known by the fans as the “6th member of Simple Plan”. He was also in charge of the “A Big Package For You” DVD, which even feature one whole ‘chapter’ about him and from 2006 also co-hosts the Man Of The Hour show alongside Sebastien. He has not toured with Simple Plan since 2009. Patrick has since then established a career of a popular TV and radio host in Canada.
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Who is it? Simple Plan manager (co-owns Coalition Entertainment Management)
Where could you have seen him? You could see Eric for example in the DVD: ABPFY, where he says “Jeff is very hairy”. He is also on lots of pictures with SP.
He said about SP: “This band works so hard. In all my years in the business, I’ve not known a band to work as hard at their own careers.”


Who is it? Simple Plan’s graphic designer
Where could you have seen him? You may recall his design work from pretty much anything Simple Plan have ever released: CDs, posters, book or their merchandise. Fred also appeared in a few MOTH episodes (as Fred “The Cheese Guy”) and also used to design for Role Model Clothing.
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Who is it? music video, advertising and film director
Where could you have seen him? Frank is a very close friend to the members of Simple Plan. Mainly because he directed a lot of Simple Plan’s music videos (I’d Do Anything, Addicted, I’m Just A Kid, Don’t Wanna Think About You, When I’m Gone, Jet Lag) in the past. You could see him in the “Making of’s” of these videos and you could also hear him in one episode of the Man Of the Hour show, when Sebastien and Patrick called him up. Besides Simple Plan, Frank has directed music videos for other successful artists, such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers or 5 Seconds Of Summer.
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Who is it? vicepresident of A&R for Lava/Atlantic
Where could you have seen him? You could see Andy nearly on the beginning of the DVD: ABPFY where he amateurishly sings “Addicted” by Simple Plan.
He said about SP: „SP that’s interesting, because the drummer actually called me up about three years ago pretending to be his manager. He sent me some demos and we started to talk and developed a little bit of a relationship.“


Who is it? founder, CEO and co-owner of the Idobi radio
Where could you have seen him? Tom helped Sebastien and Patrick with their show Man Of The Hour, which airs on Idobi radio. As of right now, he co-owns Idobi radio alongside Chuck and Seb from Simple Plan, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and Eddie Barella.
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