SP concert in Prague, CZE (March 3rd 2016)
If you’re attending the third SP show in Prague, here’s all the info you’ll need + instructions for the fan surprise for the band!
Check out, how do the picks of all the guitarists in the band look like!
Tattoos and Piercings
What decorations do SP members have/wear?
Fan tattoos
Do you want to get SP marked on your body for the rest of your life? Get inspired by other fans!
Watch, how have the guys’s hairstyles changed through the time!
Covers by Simple Plan
Listen to Simple Plan covering other bands and artists
Simple Plan with celebrities
Which celebrities could you see them with?
Famous personalities about Simple Plan
What did other famous people ever say about the band?
Opening bands for Simple Plan
The list of bands that opened for SP
Simple Plan as an opening band
The list of bands that SP opened for
Female singers of Jet Lag
Compare the skills of all the ladies who ever sang on the song Jet Lag!
Versions of Summer Paradise
Check out all the versions of one of Simple Plan’s biggest hits!
In which movies/tv shows could you see/hear SP?
Who is who: stars from Simple Plan music videos
Ever wondered who that girl/guy from that one Simple Plan video is?
Words of thanks
They really thank you!
Have a look at some interesting quotes by the members of Simple Plan!
Tips & Tricks
Get to know some tips about how to act when you meet the band or how to get ready for a show!