Pierre on Simple Plan leaving their record label Atlantic Records: “The deal is done. We’re free agents now.”

In a brand new interview for Eyes Closed Blog (big thanks to Alberto for letting us know!), which was filmed at Slam Dunk Festival in the United Kingdom back in May, Pierre discussed a series of very interesting topics from his band’s obsession with escape rooms all the way to the Instagram rivalry between him and Chuck.

One of the most interesting parts came towards the end of the interview, where Pierre started discussing SP’s plans for their 6th album (which Pierre would like to see released this year) and later admitted that having released five albums under Atlantic Records, their original deal with this record label is now officially done and Simple Plan are now, for the first time in their career under no record label whatsoever.

Check out what exactly Pierre said below:

I wanna put [the new album] out this fall. Cause it’s pretty much written. We have to be in the studio, but we’re still planning on how. Cause we’re no longer on a major label. Our deal is done. Just fantastic. We’re now free agents. So we don’t know if we wanna self-produce, if we wanna sign with someone else, or if we wanna do something else, so those parts have not been figured out yet. And we don’t know if we wanna have one producer, or like multiple producers or if we’re gonna produce a few of them. So that part needs to be figured out but the songs are done, they’re ready, they’re great and so it’s very very close.”

– Pierre Bouvier –

As of right now, Simple Plan are also no longer listed amongst the artists represented by Atlantic Records on their website.

Besides talking about the band’s split from their label, Pierre also vaguely discussed two songs on the upcoming album, which could fall under the “experimental songs” category, yet he himself thinks they might just become fan-favorites due to their lyrics’ subject matter:

“We have a song coming up… two songs on the new record – that are gonna be different. I think the fans are gonna like them anyways cause the subject matter is very… sort of fits into what people expect of us. But they’re out there. It’s fun to do that… you have to do it. But also the new record, I think… has a lot of songs that the fans are gonna really like. It’s hard to predict, but it will be a fan-favorite, this record. “

– Pierre Bouvier –