Simple Plan

Release date: February 12th 2008
Producer: Dave Fortman
Studio: Conway Studios (Los Angeles, USA), Hit Factory Criteria Studos (Miami, USA), Man of the Hour Studio (Montreal, Canada), Maratone Studios (Stockholm, Sweden), NRG Studios (Los Angeles, USA), Studio Piccolo (Montreal, Canada)
Song-writing sessions: 2006-2007
Recording sessions: summer 2007
Current status: released
1. When I’m Gone
2. Take My Hand
3. The End
4. Your Love is A Lie
5. Save You
6. Generation
7. Time to Say Goodbye
8. I Can Wait Forever
9. Holding On
10. No Love
11. What If
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Simple Plan:
Engineer, Producer: Dave Fortman
Engineers: Marcella Araica, Doug McKean, Seth Waldmann
Mastering: Ted Jensen
Composer: Arnold Lanni
Mixing: Chris Lord-Alge
Composer, Engineer, Producer: Max Martin
Keyboards: Liam O’Neil
Digital editing, Engineer: Jeremy Parker
Additional programming: Nate Hills
String arrangements: Dave Campbell
Art direction: Rachelle Dupéré
Drum loop: DJ Lethal
Photography: Warwick Saint