New photos from the making of Singing In The Rain

To commemorate one year since Simple Plan filmed the music video for Singing In The Rain in Toronto, one of the fans sent us some of her behind the scenes photos from this videoshoot.

As you may recall, for this music video, Simple Plan asked their fans to show up dressed up in 60s fashion and take part in the battle of the bands scenes, as well as the final concert towards the end of the video.

Check out her six new photographs in the gallery:

Simple Plan to play at Festival Éole en musique in Matane

Simple Plan just announced that they will be playing at yet another summer music festival in Canada.

This time around, the band will head to David’s hometown Matane, in Quebec, where they will attend the Festival Éole en musique on August 12th.

More information about this festival should be revealed throughout the day.

12aug7:30 pmFestival Éole en musiqueMatane, QC, CanadaEvent type:festival

Pierre to appear on En Mode Salvail on Wednesday

This Wednesday, February 22nd, Pierre Bouvier is expected to appear as a guest on the Canadian talk show En Mode Salvail, hosted by Eric Salvail. Eric is a popular Canadian host, who has been previously tied to Simple Plan on many occasions, even hosting their foundation events sometimes.

It is unclear why it is Pierre, who doesn’t reside in Canada (unlike Jeff or Sebastien, who often appear on Canadian talk shows), who will appear on the talk show and what exactly he is there to promote. Of course, it could possibly be about Simple Plan’s upcoming tour in Canada, which has been postponed to March from November, however it seems strange for Pierre to travel to Canada this much ahead of the our, when the band is to embark on a short trip to the other side of the world (China) so very soon, therefore it would make more sense for his Montreal-based bandmates to attend such a TV appearance. But as always, only time will tell.

You can catch En Mode Salvail with Pierre this Wednesday, February 22nd, at 10pm on channel V.

David skateboarding in California

After some time off at home, David now seems to have relocated to California, where he was seen hanging out with two of his friends yesterday at Venice Beach. From the picture on the right (click on it to access the gallery), you can see more clearly that David has really cut his hair very short again [perhaps in preparation for the very throwback No Pads tour?].

It is currently unknown whether David is prolonging his holiday in California, or whether he is there for some band-related reason. But, Jeff has recently stated on Twitter that him and David would be heading to California “soon”. And given that Pierre and Chuck both reside in California, this looks like it could be a good place to get the band back together to either practice for the No Pads tour before they head to China and then consequently to the U.S. and Canadian tour, or maybe even work on something else.

And while we keep wondering what it all may be about, check out the following video David himself posted from his skateboarding times around Venice Beach yesterday:

Ça roule! #crew #life #sunset #nofilter #skateboarding #bonheur #happiness @vans @matsenechal @tite_val

Příspěvek sdílený David Desrosiers (@daviddesrosiers),

One year since the release of ‘Taking One For The Team’

Can you believe it? Today marks exactly one year since the day when we all first got to the hear the ‘Taking One For The Team’ album in its entirety, as Simple Plan dropped the record on February 19th 2016.

This album, which is Simple Plan’s 5th studio record, has brought us singles such as I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed, Singing In The Rain and Perfectly Perfect. Besides the official singles, the band also released a number of promo singles, for which they also filmed music videos – such as Boom and Opinion Overload.

Just like on Get Your Heart On!, Simple Plan also offered their fans some interesting collaborations on this record – such as Nelly (I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed), Jordan Pundik (Farewell), Juliet Simms (I Dream About You) and R. City (Singing In The Rain).

After having been listening to TOFTT for a year now, have your thoughts on the songs changed in any way? What do you think of this album as a whole and which songs are your favorite?

Simple Plan to travel to China next month to perform at early screenings of “Snowtime!”

It seems that Simple Plan will be back on stage even sooner than we initially expected! It has just been announced, through a post on Journal de Montreal, that Simple Plan will be heading to China in the beginning of March to perform in Beijing and Shenzhen at two early screenings of the Canadian animated film ‘Snowtime!’ (the original French title is ‘La Guerre Des Tuques 3D’), for which they recorded an English version of the track ‘The Heroes’ back in 2015. The band is expected to perform the song ‘The Heroes’ live at the screenings of the film.

The film’s producer, Marie-Claude Beauchamp, commented on the band’s willingness to promote the movie: “It’s great that the guys at Simple Plan agreed to accompany us on the promotion tour in China.”

The official premiere of ‘Snowtime!’ in China is set for April 1st and according to earlier first screenings back in January, the Chinese audiences seem to be very excited about the movie. The animated film is a remake of a 1984 film of the same name and even though it was only released in November 2015, it has still managed to become Canada’s highest grossing film of 2015 with 3.3 million dollars in earnings.

Remind yourselves of the song below (Chuck wasn’t present during the recording of ‘The Heroes’ as his son London was being born at the same time as the song was being recorded in the studio):

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