Simple Plan back in Europe: NPNHJB tour starts today!

Pierre, Chuck, Sebastien, Jeff and their crew are already in Europe, getting ready for the big day today: their first European NPNHJB anniversary show – in Berlin, Germany.

The foursome (as David isn’t coming on this tour due to personal reasons – read his detailed statement here) will once again be playing the Astra venue, just like last year and will have two opening bands before their show: The Bottom Line and Mallory Knox. will be there to get you all the details from the show (as well as Hamburg the next day), so you can look forward to a big recap later!

Check out the gallery now for some first pictures of Simple Plan’s first day in Europe, which they spent walking around, escaping rooms and surviving the heatwave:

Schedule for Nova Rock festival in Austria revealed

Nova Rock festival in Austria, who’s line-up superseeds any other festival this summer in the eyes of pop-punk fans (Simple Plan, Blink 182, Green Day, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte and many more), has revealed he official time-table of the acts that will perform at all 4 days.

Simple Plan will be performing on this final day of the festival, Saturday, June 17th and are expected to perform a 45 minute set from 5:15pm to 6pm. Check out the whole schedule for the Blue Stage, where SP will perform that day [full Nova Rock schedule can be found here]:

1:05pm – 1:30pm: Dead!
1:50pm – 2:30pm: Feine Sahne Fischfilet
2:50pm – 3:50pm: Rag’n’bone Man
4:10pm – 4:55pm: Machine Gun Kelly
5:15pm – 6:00pm: Simple Plan
6:30pm – 7:30pm: Broilers
8:00pm – 9:05pm: Rancid
9:45pm – 0:15pm: Green Day

17jun8:00 pmNova RockNickelsdorf, AustriaEvent type:festival

David Desrosiers not to join Simple Plan on European tour: reveals struggles with depression

For a couple months now, many of you have surely noticed David’s absence in various band-related issues. Him not attending VIP parties, interviews, skipping the South American tour and not travelling with the band to China this year. Today, Simple Plan alongside David have released a statement finally revealing that David’s absence from the spotlight has been due to his personal struggles with depression. This, unfortunately, is also the reason why David will not be present at the upcoming European tour, which starts this Sunday.

Read David’s statement below:

“Hello everyone. It is with regret that I must announce that I will not be able to join the guys on the upcoming European tour. I have battled depression on and off for a long while now but the time has come to explain why there are times when I cannot be with my bandmates playing shows for you. At the moment, I am fighting a major depression that prevents me from enjoying life and doing the things I love such as playing music. Many of our songs, and our work with the Simple Plan Foundation, speak of the hope that must be kept in difficult times. I truly believe in this message and I assure you that I will be back soon!”

– David Desrosiers –

The rest of the band have also revealed a statement regarding David’s absence on tour. Read it here:

“We are sorry to inform you that David won’t be able to join us for our upcoming European tour. You can read a statement from David that explains the situation on his Instagram.

As stated in his message, David has struggled with episodes of depression for a long time now and this situation has sometimes made it difficult for him to deal with the demands of being in a band, touring and playing shows night after night. Following his wishes, we’ve always kept this information private. Today, he feels it’s important to share this with all of you for the first time and we fully support his decision.

David is our friend first and foremost and the number one priority for all of us right now is his health and well-being. After talking to him this week, we’ve made the decision together that it was better for David to stay home and focus on his recovery. We know some of you will be disappointed to hear this news and we are extremely sorry.

Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone and David’s struggles with this issue have hit close to home and inspired us to help charitable organizations focusing on mental health through the Simple Plan Foundation. We hope that discussing this openly can help some of you who might be dealing with similar issues.

It really breaks our hearts to see our friend and band mate go through these difficult times, but we know he will overcome this and be back on stage with us very soon. We can’t wait to welcome him back!

In the meantime, with David’s blessings, all the upcoming European dates will go on as planned. We look forward to some amazing shows and to see all our European fans!”

– Pierre, Chuck, Jeff and Sebastien –

Chuck, Jeff and Pierre also sent David well-wishes separately on their personal Instagrams, saying:

“I love you my friend. Stay strong. Can’t wait to have you back with us feeling better. ❤️”

– Chuck Comeau –

“My brother forever. Get well soon, David. I know you’ll come back stronger and healthier than ever.”

– Pierre Bouvier –

“Get well soon brother! Supporting you all the way! David’s a courageous mofo: I’m proud of him for calling it like it is and for seeking the support he needs. It takes balls to bring your knee to the ground to eventually stand tall again. Dude, I still won’t high five you after you stick your hand in your pants but I’m looking forward to playing next to you again very soon ;-).”

– Jeff Stinco –

“I’m behind you, buddy.”

– Seb Lefebvre –

On behalf of, I would like to declare my full support of Simple Plan’s decision in order to focus on David’s health. David, and I believe I’m saying this on behalf of every fan, be strong. We believe in you. See you another time!

London show now oficially sold-out – security measures enhanced

The news that the Simple Plan show in London, UK (June 9th) is very close to being sold-out has been around for weeks now, but today, the promoters have officially announced that tickets are no longer available and the show is officially sold-out! This is currently the 4th show of Simple Plan’s upcoming European tour to be sold-out (after Hamburg, Paris and Rock Im Park) – see all the toudates here.

Regarding security measures, given that the recent devastating terrorist attack at a concert venue in Manchester made safety on everybody’s mind right now – the O2 Forum Kentish Town venue in London, where Simple Plan will be performing (same as last year) has released the following statement:

“All shows are scheduled to continue at this time and as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the safety of our customers, security measures have been enhanced to reflect [the] events [in Manchester].”

– O2 Forum Kentish Town [Twitter announcement] –

9jun7:00 pmSold-outLondon, United KingdomOpening bands: Trashboat + Milestones + The Bottom LineEvent type:concertStatus:SOLD-OUT

Aerodrome Festival reveals information about security measures

Due to last night’s terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester, many attendees of the upcoming Aerodrome Festival in Prague (which will feature performances of Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Mallory Knox, Machine Gun Kelly, Counterfeit, Enter Shikari and Royal Republic) raised their concerns about security measures at this festival, which is expected to be attended by over 20 000 people.

Rest assured, fans’ security is the promoters’ main concern and nothing will be underestimated.

Regarding police security, the promoters have announced it will be four times the amount of the festival standard. The police will be guarding both the entrance and the insides of the festival grounds. A commando unit will also be present. At 8am, the whole festival grounds will be closed for any incoming vehicle.

If you’re attending this festival, the following information might be very important to you. To ensure security, the security checks at the entrance will be very thorough: a metal detector will be used, which is why you are asked to reduce the amount of metal objects to an absolute minimum). Any hand luggage brought into the festival grounds must not be larger than 40 x 30 cm.

It is forbidden to bring in the following items: weapons of any sort or anything that could be used as a weapon, selfie sticks, umbrellas, drugs, food, drinks, cameras and drones (only small compact cameras will be allowed). It is also forbidden to bring in pets.

I believe that all of our aim is to enjoy June 11th as much as we can, so I hope you will abide by the security rules. Please check the forbidden items again when you’re packing for the festival and please, be considerate of other festival attendees.

Members of Simple Plan react to Manchester concert terrorist attack

By now, you have surely heard about the terrifying terrorist attack that happened after the end of the Ariana Grande show at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK. An explosion caused by a suicide bomber that took place in the corridors connecting the venue with the close-by subway station took the lives of 22 people and left over 50 people injured. The incident is still being investigated by the local authorities and the international terrorism threat level has now been set to severe in the United Kingdom.

This attacks comes a year and half after another terrorist attack that involved a European concert venue – the 2015 attack of the Bataclan venue in Paris, France. Back then, Simple Plan were just about to head out to Europe to perform at a secret show in Paris two days after the attack and David was even initially planning to attend the Bataclan concert. However after this (and several more happening in Paris that day) they decided to cancel their trip [read more about that here].

With last night’s terrorist attack in Manchester hitting so close to home to many music fans and musicians – once again with a concert venue being the target, some members of Simple Plan offered their condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and expressed solidarity with the city of Manchester. You can read their words below:

This is a photo from our show in Manchester last year. We love this city and it literally breaks our hearts to see what happened last night at the Ariana Grande show. 💔💔💔 We would like to send our thoughts of love and deepest condolences to all the music fans, parents, venue staff and security personnel, artists and families affected by this tragedy. Music is a way to connect together, to celebrate life and provide an escape from our everyday troubles. It should never be a target for hate and senseless violence. We stand with you, Manchester. Stay strong! Please use the comment section below to leave your thoughts and messages for Manchester and everyone affected by this tragedy.”

– Simple Plan [official statement on band’s Instagram] –

“Completely speechless… My thoughts are with you [United Kingdom].”

– Sebastien Lefebvre –

“I can’t believe what just happened in Manchester. My thoughts and prayers go out to this beautiful city and its people.”

– Pierre Bouvier –

“Manchester – Ariana Grande’s concert – A concert is a communion of people sharing their love for music. As humans, we strive to make social connections and we often identify ourselves with a culture, an esthetic, an artist, a movement that allow us to meet like minded people. Attacking the expression of one of our most beautiful human traits is horrible. My prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families. Don’t get desensitized to these events even if they occur more often now. “

– Jeff Stinco –

“Absolutely heartbreaking to see what is happening in Manchester right now. Terrifying to think that concerts are a target again. 💔 My heart goes out to all the music fans and people affected by this horrific event.”

– Chuck Comeau –

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