Simple Plan revealed new instrument lending program in Montreal libraries

At today’s long-awaited press conference in Montreal, Canada, three members of Simple Plan – Jeff Stinco, Chuck Comeau and Sebastien Lefebvre – alongside the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre were ready to announce their involvement in a new program that will help make musical instruments more available to the people in the Quebec area.

Thanks to the support of Sun Life Financial who donated $108 860, the “Musical Instrument Lending Library” will soon be available in eight participating libraries in Montreal [details on these 8 libraries can be found here]. The visitors of these libraries (14+ with a library card) will be able to borrow one of over a hundred musical instruments that include guitars, basses, violins, ukuleles, keyboards, drums and xylophones for as long as three consecutive weeks. It will be possible to renew the loan three times if the instrument has not been reserved in the meantime. The organizers of the project also encourage donations of musical instruments for further growth of the lending program.

As a part of their Simple Plan Foundation, one of Simple Plan’s long-term goals has been to support causes that encourage and promote the practice of music as a way to help young people find a passion in life. This involvement is another way of them trying to reach this goal.

Check out more pictures of Chuck, Seb and Jeff presenting this new program with the Mayor of Montreal earlier today in our gallery.

New picture of David from the making of ‘Perfectly Perfect’

The members of Simple Plan spent this past weekend together locked up at the Cinepool Studios in Montreal working hard on their new music video for ‘Perfectly Perfect’. As we’ve learned yesterday, the video will be directed by Mark Staubach again with the help of Chady Awad and so far it looks like the video, or at least a portion of it will be in black & white!

The band released yet another pic from the behind the scenes of the videoshoot – this time around of David. Check it out:

Mark Staubach to direct ‘Perfectly Perfect’ video & first info and photos from the video shoot!

This weekend, Simple Plan are busy filming their upcoming music video for their latest single ‘Perfectly Perfect’ at the Cinepool Studios in Montreal. As we already know, the music video should be featuring a number of couples of all sorts of different genders, sexualities and backgrounds sharing their stories but of course it will be featuring the band as well!

The band has just revealed that once again they are using the help of their old friend, director Mark Staubach (who previously filmed such music videos as ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed’, ‘Astronaut’, ‘Singing In The Rain’, ‘Summer Paradise’, ‘Can’t Keep My Hands Off You’ and ‘Opinion Overload’) as well as the help of their other friend Chady Awad.

The guys just shared the very first couple of behind the scenes images from the filming of the music video – featuring Pierre and Jeff. Check them out in the gallery:

Final acoustic set of Simple Plan’s promo tour: The Pink Prom

Pierre, Seb and Jeff finished their short acoustic promo tour after the end of their official TOFTT tour in the U.S. with their final stop at another charitable event – this time at The Pink Prom in Louiseville, Kentucky on October 21st.

Check out some of the first pictures that leaked from the event:

And since we haven’t had many videos from these acoustic events here yet, have a look at this one that was posted by 102.3 The Max, a radio station that hosted the event on Friday:

PHOTOS: Pierre, Jeff and Seb tasted whiskey in Kentucky

On their day off during their short acoustic promo tour, Sebastien, Pierre and Jeff visited the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Louisville, Kentucky, where among other things they also they got to taste some Bourbon. Check out some pictures from this experience:

Simple Plan confirm new Xmas song soon & next U.S. tour for spring 2017!

A couple days ago, while in Indiana for the Pretty In Pink event, Pierre, Seb and Jeff gave an interview to 97.3 WMEE. In this interview the guys mentioned various fun things such as their favorite past Halloween costumes, their favorite hockey team, but things got a little more interesting when the interview turned to what Simple Plan have up their sleeves for next year.

Given how successful Simple Plan’s U.S. tour in October was, after selling out almost every venue they played at, the band has decided not to wait much longer to return to the U.S. and revealed that they are in fact already planning to come back and according to this interview that tour should happen in spring 2017. Rumor also has it that the band previously stated in other interviews back in California that the tour should take place even sooner – in February [however this is yet to be confirmed]. And this time around, this tour should cover more U.S. cities and states than the October one.

Check out what Jeff said about the U.S. tour in this interview:

Jeff: “There are rumors.. We just had an amazing U.S. tour, you know. It was mostly sold-out. It did really really well. It was a killer tour. And we haven’t been here for a while, so it was cool to reconnect with our fans. So it kinda gave us a taste of touring here and it’s so fun! Like, you’re right close to home and it’s… We’ve toured a lot in the U.S., we have a lot of friends here, so we’re talking about maybe coming back here in spring. So doing a more extensive tour. You know, we did two, three weeks of touring, a bunch of acoustic shows. But this time around we’d like to go, you know, from coast to coast and just check out places that we haven’t been on this particular tour. So definitely sooner than the usual three years that we take between tour. We’re gonna be here a lot sooner.”

Another confirmation that this interview has given us is that Simple Plan are most definitely releasing a new Christmas song soon! Alright, the band hasn’t directly said it’s a new Christmas song, but given the amount of hints, it’s pretty clear they have a new Xmas song in mind. Also, even though Pierre declined to reveal the title of the song to the interviewer, if nothing’s changed, we already know the title – and we’ve known for a while. Back in fall of last year, Simple Plan mentioned in a webchat that they plan on releasing a Christmas song called “Christmas Every Day” the following year – that means right in time for Christmas 2016! You don’t fool us, Pierre! :)

Pierre: “We have a new song coming out soon! It’s kind of a “gift” or a “present”. ”
Interviewer: “What’s it called?”
Pierre: “Can’t tell you. The only hint I can tell you is: It’s a “present”.”
Interviewer: […] “Is it gonna come out for Christmas?”
Band: *acts like they don’t know but they really do*

You can check back on all this info and more in the forementioned interview below:

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