Full band picture from backstage in Stockholm

Yesterday, Simple Plan took advantage of being at the legendary Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden and took a group picture in the hallway that’s filled with pictures of former famous visitors of this venue.

Check out the cool new black & white shot of the band in the gallery:

Time schedule for Simple Plan show in Finland

If you’re heading to the show in Helsinki, Finland, which will be taking place at the Circus venue tomorrow, May 28th, you might find the following information pretty handy. The set times for all three performing bands that night have been released and they are as follows:

Blind Channel: 18:30-19:00
MadCraft: 19:20-19:50
Simple Plan: 20:30-22:15

As you can see, the show starts and also ends rather early, so make sure to be there on time to catch all the bands!

Calgary Stampede line-up announced: Simple Plan to perform in July

Just a couple hours ago, the line-up for this year’s Calgary Stampede in Calgary, AB, Canada, has been announced and Simple Plan are on the list! Check out the announcement video below:

The band will perfom at the Coca-Cola Stage on July 17th at 9pm. The last time Simple Plan performed at Calgary Stampede was in 2012 [check out the recap of that day in this past article].

More details about this appearance can be found below:

Date Festival City, Country Info
17/07/2016 Calgary Stampede Calgary, AB, Canada here

Check out all the upcoming Simple Plan tourdates.

Simple Plan performed at an amusement park in Sweden

In the past, the Gröna Lund amusement park, located in Stockholm, Sweden, has hosted a number of internationally renowned artists including The Beatles and Bob Marley. Yesterday, another name will be added to the list of former performers – and that is Simple Plan. The band performed a free concert at the theme park last night for thousands of spectators and from the reactions online, you could just tell it was a blast.

Regarding the setlist, the boys didn’t come up with many surprises – amongst the ever-interchanging songs were ‘I Refuse’, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘Farewell’ and also ‘Perfect World’ was re-added to the list instead of ‘Me Against The World’, which the band performed in Norway. Check out the full setlist below [big thanks to Felicia for sending it in!]

1. Opinion Overload
2. Jet Lag
3. Jump
(‘I Gotta Feeling‘ snippet)
4. I’d Do Anything
5. Boom
6. Welcome to My Life
7. I Refuse
8. Take My Hand
9. Singing In The Rain
10. Party medley
(‚Uptown Funk‘ / ‚Can’t Feel My Face‘ cover)
11. Can’t Keep My Hands Off You
12. Farewell
13. Summer Paradise
14. Crazy
15. I’m Just a Kid

16. Shut Up!
17. Perfect World
18. This Song Saved My life
(no drums)
19. Perfect

Before the show, some of the guys decided to indulge in the amusement park rides and Pierre and David went to try the freefall. Check out the video they filmed while being dropped below:

Playing at an amusement park has it's perks! #teamsp #teamsptour

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Simple Plan (@simpleplan),

Many pictures from last night’s show in Stockholm can already be found in the SimplePlan.cz gallery. Enjoy:

Story Untold (ex-Amasic) release song ‘History’, co-written by Pierre and Chuck

After the departure of Matt McCormack, the Canadian band Amasic, has decided to start anew – with new band members and also a new name – Story Untold. If you’ve been following Simple Plan for a while now, you have heard about Amasic many times in the past, as the band’s lead singer Janick Thibault had previously covered a number of Simple Plan songs, became friends with the band, opening for them on a number of occasions, which Janick followed up with song-writing with Pierre and Chuck and even replacing Pierre at the recent show in Canada, which Pierre was not able to attend, due to a health issue.

As SimplePlan.cz has discussed with Janick in our 2014 interview with the lead singer, Janick co-wrote two songs with Pierre and Chuck from Simple Plan‘If I Had One Dollar’ and also the song ‘History’, which has never been released before, during the Amasic era. Story Untold, who just announced singing with Hopless Records, have recently released a self-titled EP, which features both of the songs co-written by the members of Simple Plan. ‘History’ even became the band’s first single and an accompanying music video has already been released.

Check out ‘History’, which Chuck and Pierre helped to write, below:

Full band, opening bands and crew picture from European tour pt. 2

Simple Plan published a new picture on Instagram yesterday, which comes from the backstage in Oslo, Norway, where the band had to say farewell to their opening acts The Bottom Line and ROAM, who accompanied them at the second part of their European tour [and who won’t be continuing at the last five stops of the tour]. Pictured on the image are all members of Simple Plan, The Bottom Line, ROAM, as well as most of their crew members.

The band accompanied the picture with the following message:

Official #teamsptour photo was taken yesterday in Oslo. It was a real pleasure to have The Bottom Line and ROAM on tour with us. Amazing musicians and even better friends! Thanks for playing with us… you guys rule and we will miss you. Also a huge thank you to our awesome crew, the drivers, the promoters and everyone who make the shows possible. We couldn’t do it without you! 5 more shows to go starting with Stockholm tomorrow and then Helsinki! Let’s do this! See you at the shows! #TeamSP

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