Simple Plan U.S. tour: what can we expect?

After 5 long years, Simple Plan are finally returning to the USA for a full cross-country tour. And while some might object that the tour is hardly a “full” tour, as the band is missing many of the states or bigger cities, this two week trip is still the biggest tour Simple Plan have done in this country since 2011.

You may recall that last time SP were touring in the U.S., it was the fall of 2011, when the band toured the U.S. with Forever The Sickest Kids, The Cab, Marianas Trench and also We The Kings. Since then, Simple Plan have returned to the U.S. only for Warped Tour in 2015 and with a couple of acoustic promo radio performances in the summer of 2013 and this year, 2016.

This time around, Simple Plan will be touring the U.S. with opening bands Hit The Lights and Story Untold, but before this full October tour commences, the boys will perform a free show at the University of Iowa this Friday, September 30th, on Saturday, October 1st they will take part in the Barktoberfest in Kansas City, KS (also for free) and the next day, October 2nd Simple Plan will be welcomed at the Oro Music Valley Festival in Tuscon, AZ. After these three shows, Simple Plan will be very much prepared for their U.S. audience and will be ready to officially start their U.S. tour on October 4th in Santa Ana, CA.

At this moment, two of the shows (West Hollywood, CA and New York, NY) are completely sold-out and Simple Plan also just revealed that all of the VIP pizza parties have sold-out as well. But – here’s some good news – if you didn’t manage to score VIP tickets for any of the shows, Simple Plan just announced that they added 10 spots to the following U.S. dates: Santa Ana, LA, Sacramento, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit and Cleveland. So you still have a chance to get in! So go get them quickly before those are gone as well!

And what can we expect from the shows? It is quite possible that the U.S. may get a slightly different setlist than the rest of the world, as the band’s earlier albums have been more favored (or received more attention – such as No Pads or SNGA) than their later efforts (self-titled or GYHO). That means there will probably be more throwback songs alongside tracks from the new album (TOFTT) which the boys will definitely want to promote. Regarding the party medley, there seems to be no indication that the band would want to change it up anytime soon and as the songs they have chosen for it have been popular in the U.S. just like in the rest of the world, the U.S. fans may also expect to hear these covers of ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Can’t Feel My Face’.

If you’re heading out on Simple Plan’s U.S. tour, make sure to follow for all the recaps in the following weeks – surely we will have the setlist available very soon as well as pictures from the shows and hopefully will know of any cool surprises the band still might have in store for the fans. Also, if you take any pictures during the shows or would like to let us know about any happenings at the concerts that other fans might be interested in, let us know [on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or e-mail]!

More information about all the upcoming Simple Plan tourdates can be found here.

New Canadian film sequel to feature a Simple Plan reference

Back in 2009, a Canadian comedy film called ‘Father And Guns’ (originally: De père en flic‘) was released. The movie tells a story of two policemen, a father (Jacques) and a son (Marc), who can’t stand each other, yet are paired up to work together for an undercover police investigation. The film broke the box office record and became the highest-grossing French language film in Canadian history.

Seven years later, the creators of the movie decided it was time for a sequel and at this moment the filming of ‘De père en flic 2’ is slowly coming to its end on the locations in Quebec. La Presse recently visited the set and today published a summarizing article about what the fans can expect from this movie, as well as a short transcript of a scene that takes place after an arrest is made by the two policemen.

And it is during this scene, when La Presse mentions there is a slight reference to the Canadian band Simple Plan in the movie. See the translation of an excerpt from this article below:

“Do you need to feel alive? Do you need a hobby? Well, if that’s it, you can do water aerobics or go bowling,” continues Marc, after comparing his father to the bassist of Simple Plan, because of his tattooed forearms, his dyed hair and his tight black sweater.”

Whether the scriptwriters did not do a full research about Simple Plan when writing this particular scene, where they sort of mixed the personalities of both David Desrosiers (the actual bassist), who does not have any tattoos on his forearm, and either Pierre Bouvier or Jeff Stinco (who do have tattoos on their forearms, although Pierre’s full arm sleeve seems more probable in this case) or whether this was a part of the comedic appeal, it seems that not just Simple Plan fans might get a slight chuckle from this scene.

The film ‘De père en flic 2’ should be released sometime in 2017.

PHOTO: Forever Ends Here with Simple Plan in Australia

During their recent Australian tour that the boys just got back from last week, Simple Plan toured with a local band called Forever Ends Here. This band opened for Simple Plan at all of the five Australian shows and recently posted a group picture with SP from the last date of the tour – the third show in Melbourne.

Check it out now in the gallery:

New professional footage from Australia & more coming from the U.S. tour!

Simple Plan released some more professional footage, directed by Peter John during their tour in Australia a couple weeks ago. Interestingly enough, Peter John is said to be present at Simple Plan’s U.S. tour in October, filming SP again, so hopefully we’ll see what this whole thing will be about soon.

Check out the new video below:

Pre-orders for white TOFTT vinyl are here!

As promised, here’s the info about Simple Plan’s new limited edition white vinyl for Taking One For The Team!

The vinyl is available on Simple Plan’s official merchstore on Merchdirect for $20.99 with the official release date still set at September 30th and with pre-orders kicking off today!

There are 14 songs included on the vinyl, the very same tracklist you can find on the physical and or digital copy of the record.

Are you going to be buying the white vinyl or the black one? Or perhaps both?

Don’t forget that you can still win the black version of the vinyl through a contest on’s Facebook page – you have until Saturday, noon CET to join for a chance to win!

New photo from the No Pads photoshoot

The gallery has been updated with one additional image from the No Pads, No Helmets… Juts Balls photoshoot by F. Scott Schafer, which was taken in 2002. Check out the cuteness below:

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