Chuck teases Simple Plan’s return to Europe next summer!

Today, Simple Plan arrived to China, where they are kicking off the Southeast Asian part of their Taking One For The Team tour. Right after that the band will continue to rock Australia, after which they also have tours in the U.S., Canada and South America planned for the rest of the year.

But what is next for Simple Plan in 2017?

Despite the previous rumors of Simple Plan coming back to Europe in early 2017, as of right now it looks like the band’s plans may have changed a bit, postponing their upcoming shows on the old continent to next summer.

Check out Chuck’s tweet from yesterday, confirming this:

Now, we could speculate whether this could mean the band’s return only for the summer festivals, or whether we can expect another full tour. No other details about Simple Plan’s return to Europe are known yet. What would YOU prefer though – seeing SP at a concert or festival?

Brazilian promoter reveals interesting new illustrated Simple Plan concert poster

December will mark Simple Plan’s grand return to Brazil since their last time in this country in 2012 and the band will be visiting four cities: São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.

The shows in the middle of this Brazilian tour – in Belo Horizonte (Dec 8th) and Rio de Janeiro (Dec 9th) have their own promoter – the organization Queremos – which has now revealed a brand new poster that is supposed to accompany the promotion of these two shows in Brazil. And while usually, the band’s concert posters are generally unified under the same corporate identity design (tour logo, unified color scheme, band photo, band font) – the promoter has decided to release their own illustrated poster for this occasion. See it below:

As you can see, the poster features a drawing of a girl in a green “SP” cheerleader’s uniform, riding a skateboard upside down and holding a megaphone. The image sort of reminisces the ‘I’m Just A Kid’ music video (skateboarding, cheerleaders) but at the same time by using the particular color scheme, the poster obviously hints on the partnership with the Heineken brand, who is the main sponsor of these two SP shows in Brazil (as stated in the bottom right corner of the poster).

What do you think of this unconventional concert poster?

Simple Plan announce a show in Paraguay

Simple Plan have just announced another addition to their upcoming South American tour in December! Besides Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru, Simple Plan will also hit Paraguay – the city of Lambare in particular. The tickets for the December 14th show, which will be taking place at the Yacht & Boat Club, will go on sale next week.

Check out the details to the show below:

14dec8:00 pmLambare, ParaguayEvent type:concert

VIDEO: New interview with Simple Plan

Our friends over at SP:BR had the opportunity to recently interview Chuck, Pierre and Sebastien from Simple Plan at the band’s show in Acton Vale, QC. In his interview, the trio discussed many interesting things such as how they actually asked David to join the band by inviting him for dinner, Seb’s brother Jay’s involvement with I’m Just a Kid’s first demo, who came first – the song P.S. I Hate You or Pierre’s chicken called ‘Sophia’ and finally the boys also talked about not using the songs that came from the song-writing sessions with 3OH!3 or Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench.

I definitely recommend you to check this very well done interview out:

VOTE: Which single should Simple Plan release next?

It’s been a couple months now that Simple Plan have released ‘Singing In The Rain’ as their second official single from their new album ‘Taking One For Team’ (after the first single ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed’). Besides these two songs, the band has also released three buzz singles, two of which even received a music video treatment, even though these songs weren’t sent to be played on radios. These songs were ‘Boom’, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Sad’ and ‘Opinion Overload’. That means there’s not that many choices left as to what their third oficial single from the record could be.

Now let’s put our heads together and let’s see which song the fans think would be a great third single!

Now remember – a single should be a song that could do well on a radio. That means a song that could persuade maybe even a diferent kind of audience than their fanbase consists of already. At the same time though, it should also be a song that represents the band – because the song’s style may then become the type of style the general public will then connect to the band’s name with.

Remember, this is no official poll and its results may not persuade the band to choose their next single. But it will be interesting to check out what their fans would like to see the band release next.

So which song should be the next Simple Plan single, according to you?

Which single should Simple Plan release next?
Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching
I Refuse
I Dream About You
Perfectly Perfect
Everything Sucks
P.S. I Hate You
Problem Child

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Photos from the backstage in Acton Vale and from Smooth Truck Fest

New pictures from various inerviews have surfaced from the Friday show in Acton Vale, in Canada, where Simple Plan performed. Along with that I have also uploaded the first 4 pictures from the Smooth Truck Fest, which the band played at on Saturday, and from which, weirdly, there are no other pictures available. I you attended this show and have any good pictures to share with other fans, please contact me.

Check out all the newly added pictures now in the gallery:

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