3 years since the Simple Plan show in the Czech Republic

It may be hard to believe for most of the fans, but it has indeed been already 3 years since we enjoyed the glorious show of our favourite Canadians – Simple Plan – in the capital city of the Czech Republic: Prague. April 27th 2008 brought us an unforgetable set including the song Thank You (renamed to “DÄ›kuji” and partialy sung in Czech), Pierre’s singing directly in the crowd during Untitled or the song about Prague “I’m in Praho”:

A great part of the show has also been the amazing entry of some Simple Plan members on the stage in white tracksuits during the Elliot Minor (the opening band) show or when most of the crowd decided to hold hundreds of “Thank You” signs above their heads during the last song of the Simple Plan set.

Another awesome thing about the day for many fans were the little signing sessions in front of the venue before the show (Chuck and Sebastien) and behind the venue before and also after the show. Also, before the show I had the opportunity (during a ride to the Evropa 2 radio station) to interview Pierre, David and Jeff in a not-really-adequate-atmosphere in the back seat of a van (no Rebecca Black reference). You can check the outcome here: