‘Where I Belong’ 1ST WEEK TOUR UPDATE: zombies, proposals and setlist changes!

While here on SimplePlan.cz we took a little week of a break to recharge a little bit, Simple Plan have been busy touring the east coast of the United States and are already almost in the first third of their ‘Where I Belong’ tour with State Champs and We The Kings. So let’s have a look at what we missed, eh?


First, let’s have a look at the thing most of you are probably interested in the most: the setlist! Since the first show in Richmond (for which we revealed the setlist a week ago), there were some minor adjustments to the setlist in the past few days. It looks like the band has now omitted ‘Jet Lag’ and ‘Me Against The World’ while adding either ‘You Suck At Love’ or ‘Thank You’ to it instead. The good news is, the setlist still seems to be changing a little bit each night, so you might always have a bit of surprise whenever you get to see them live on this tour.

Here’s the setlist from this Tuesday, when the band played in Worcester, MA:

1. I’d Do Anything
2. Jump
3. Welcome To My Life
4. Boom!
5. Take My Hand
6. Your Love Is a Lie
7. What’s New Scooby Doo?
8. Addicted
9. Can’t Keep My Hands Off You
10. Summer Paradise
11. Thank You
12. Crazy
13. Untitled
14. Where I Belong (feat. Derek DiScanio from State Champs & Travis Clark from We The Kings)
15. Shut Up
16. I’m Just A Kid
17. Perfect
The shows

Over the course of the past week, the boys hit the following cities: Richmond, VA, Silver Springs, MD, Huntington, NY, Niagara Falls, NY, Sayreville, NY, Worcester, MA and Grand Rapids, MI. And while all these shows were definitely very memorable for all their attendees, some stood out more than others. For instance, on October 31st, on Halloween, Simple Plan performed in Huntington, NY and to make sure their fans didn’t miss out on Halloween too much, they decided to dress up as zombies. With make-up and everything.

And not only that, the guys also missed a funny zombie sketch that they later also accompanied by a blooper reel video, which you can now both check out here:

Another seriously unforgettable moment – especially for a certain couple – came just a few days ago in Worcester, MA, when another marriage proposal took place on stage during Simple Plan’s set. Check out the full sweet moment, captured on the video below:

Video recaps

The guys also already released a video recapping the first week of shows of the ‘Where I Belong’ tour, documenting the great times they’ve had on stage and behind the scenes with their fans and also with State Champs and We The Kings. Check out this video below:

A similar week one recap video was also released by the guys from State Champs and as expected, it also features a number of shots that include the members of Simple Plan. Have a look at it here:

Photo recaps

And we’ve also finally put together all the photos from the first week of shows and you can now browse through the gallery to see what the ‘Where I Belong’ tour has been like and what we can expect from the upcoming weeks: