Chuck receives a pep talk from Pierre on Day 2 of Canada Reads and moves to the next round!

Earlier today, Chuck Comeau took part in Day 2 of the Canada Reads debates with his fellow panelists of this popular Canadian battle of books. As you already know, Chuck is defending the book ‘Homes’ by Syrian author Abu Bakr al Rabeeah and his teacher Winnie Yeung and thanks to Chuck’s very good debating skills, he managed to once again successfully move to the next round, which will unfold tomorrow with Day 3 of Canada Reads, where only 3 panelists defending their chosen books now remain.

During today’s debate, Chuck also received a very nice and positive pep talk from his bandmate and friend Pierre Bouvier, who also mentioned how good Chuck’s debating skills usually are. Check out the whole debate below and if you’re interested in Pierre’s pep talk, head over to mark 32:41. You can also read it in full below:

“Hey Chuck,

this is Pierre. I just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you good luck! We’ve been friends now for most of our lives, playing in a band together for over 25 years.. You are one of the smartest people I know and you are pretty much an unstoppable force, especially when it comes to debating. So go out there, be yourself, know that you’ve got this and go out there and convince the world. And you’re gonna win!”

– Pierre Bouvier –