David discusses his veganism in a new interview

If you’ve been following David Desrosiers on social media in the past few months, you already know that David has become vegan and is very vocal about it. In fact, he is not afraid to publicly display his stance for animal rights at annual marches against slaughterhouses [see pictures from this year’s event here].

In a brand new interview, that appeared on the Vegan For Earth Instagram profile, David for the first time explains what exactly drove him to change his diet and how he’s dealing with it:

VEGANFOREARTH: When did you go vegan?
DAVID: “I went vegan in March this year, while recording our upcoming record in California. The switch was easy for me with so many great vegan places to eat at down there!”

VEGANFOREARTH: Why did you decide to change to a vegan diet?
DAVID: “It was after one of my closest friends suggested I watch Gary Yourosfky’s ‘Greatest Speech Ever’ and ‘Earthlings’, that was it for me!!!

VEGANFOREARTH: Do you have a favorite vegan restaurant?
DAVID: “My favourite place in the whole world is called ‘Cafe Gratitude’, they have one in Venice, two in LA and one in San Fran and they are now talking about one in NYC! It’s DA shit yo!!!”

VEGANFOREARTH: What was the hardest part about changing your diet?
DAVID: “I did the switch pretty drastically, like I didn’t go vegetarian and then vegan, I went straight vegan! The hardest part about changing my diet was actually coming to terms with what I HAD been eating and the harm I was causing all those poor animals! I’ve eaten my fair share of fear!”