David pays respect to Green Day in celebration of 25 years since ‘Dookie’

On February 1st 2019, many music fans turned to social media to pay their homage to one of the most important punk rock albums: Green Day’s ‘Dookie’, which was released exactly 25 years ago that day.

Not long after his last Instagram post, David Desrosiers reappeared on social media yesterday again, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of his favorite albums with a very heartfelt post, in which he explained his history with Green Day and how much they have managed to change his life and help his realize his true calling.

Check out what David wrote below:

“25 years ago today this record was about to change my life (and lots of other people’s) and made me realize that all I wanted to do was to play music and sing. Billie Joe Armstrong is the reason why I started singing in my bedroom when I was 13/14 years old.

At that time I was playing guitar and singing in a band that used to cover Green Day’s songs with my high school buddies playing a few shows during lunch break and stuff. I eventually joined Reset and then did a few weeks on the vans warped tour and guess who was one of the headliners on that tour in 2000.

Getting to see them play every day was a dream come true. And then after the first SP record was released we jumped on the Pop Disaster tour as the opening act for a couple weeks. Again it was unreal to be able to see them kill it every night. And I even got to hang with Billie and I straight up told him he was the reason why I sing today and he was such a gentleman. Fast forward a few years later and we were the support band on their Australian American Idiot tour. It was insane and just another dream coming true for me and I felt like was 14 all over again.

Music can keep you young that’s for sure! Of course I had to listen to it earlier today! And so did my neighbours…;-) thank you Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong for being so inspiring for many generations and still counting 25 years later!”

– David Desrosiers –