Jeff for Evropa 2 radio: “ basically knows more about this band than I know myself!”

Last Friday, the biggest commercial Czech radio station – Evropa 2 – aired their new interview with Jeff Stinco from Simple Plan. In this interview, Jeff discussed the current NPNHJB tour in the U.S., his taste in movies and most of all the band’s upcoming trip to Europe, where apart from the NPNHJB tour, they will also play at a couple of festivals, including the Aerodrome Festival in the Czech Republic.

During his speech about the Czech Republic, Jeff also mentioned how is one of the reasons Simple Plan have one of the biggest fanbases in Europe in this country and how he himself likes to check out the website – even for his own schedule.

You can read up on the part about in the transcription below and listen to the full interview on Evropa 2 here. Thanks again, Jeff! :)

“(…) And then we’re going to Europe. In Czech Republic especially, you know, we have… there’s many reasons for that.. we have a crazy fanbase in the Czech Republic. We’ve always had amazing shows, they’re probably the biggest shows we’ve had in all of Europe and I think it has something to do with the fact that we have a website.. a fan website in the Czech Republic that basically knows more about this band than I know myself! I actually check out the website to know my schedule ahead of the time.”

[Interviewer: It’s a bit scary, isn’t it?]

*(laughs)* “It’s a bit scary. I don’t know how she does it. I really don’t know.”

– Jeff Stinco –