Jeff and Pierre “bring it backwards” in a new in-depth interview

If you have a half-an-hour to spare and are interested in finding out more about the origins of Simple Plan, we sure have a treat for you today.

Pierre and Jeff from Simple Plan were recently interviewed by the guys from the Bringin’ It Backwards podcast (big thanks to Alberto for letting us know!), which focuses on asking thought-provoking questions and trying to figure out what music stars were like before becoming them. In this particular interview, Pierre and Jeff discussed pretty much the whole history of the band, while adding some interesting new insights such as the two them playing together in high school, Mark Hoppus actually liking the original demo version of ‘I’d Do Anything’ better than the studio version or how they thought the way they collaborated with the famous producer Max Martin on ‘Generation’ was a lost opportunity in a way.

We definitely recommend every Simple Plan fan to watch this interview to get some more in-depth insight into the early beginnings of the band from the point of view of Simple Plan’s lead singer and lead guitarist: