“New record is going to be phenomenal!” – Pierre dishes on songwriting progress & asks fans for their input

Simple Plan are currently in the process of writing songs for their upcoming 6th album and as it turns out – the results so far are incredibly promising – to use Pierre’s own words: phenomenal!

Today, while heading over to Chuck’s house for yet another songwriting session, Simple Plan’s lead singer Pierre Bouvier decided to record a couple of Instagram Stories, in which he shared how excited he was about his and Chuck’s progress with the songs so far.

But that was not all! Pierre also took this opportunity to ask YOU – the fans, how they felt about Simple Plan music and what types of songs they would be most excited to hear on the new album.

Check out exactly what Pierre said in his stories below and also make sure to message him on Instagram with your own opinion. As you can see, we already did:

“Hey, what’s up Insta-friends!

I’m on my way right now to Chuck’s house to go work on some more songs. But I just wanted to give you an update: everything is going so well – the new record is going to be phenomenal! Phe-no-me-nal!

I just finished up a couple of demos over the last few days… and seriously – I am psyched! There’s like 4, 5 songs that I think might be the best we’ve ever written. Fans are gonna love it, people that don’t know us are gonna love it, toddlers, grandparents, people of all races from all over the world are gonna love this record, I’m telling you. It’s really good. So, we need a few more songs, going in there today at Chuck’s house and we’re gonna rock out some more. Yeah, baby!

But I’m also kinda curious to know from you guys, from the fans out there: What do you look for to the most on this next record? And let me be more specific: I mean, do you prefer fast, punky stuff – sort of like Thank You or Time To Say Goodbye, or like Farewell type? Or do you prefer more mid-tempo-y stuff like Welcome To My Life, I’m Just A Kid, or like Jet Lag? Or do you prefer the slower, more emo, emotional stuff like Perfect or This Song Saved My Life or what else, like Save You.. What’s your favorite? Or not what’s your favorite but more like what style speaks to you the most when we make our albums, cause you know, our albums have all kinds of different styles. So yeah, or maybe you prefer the more modern approach to pop-punk that I feel is like Boom, or more poppy stuff like Summer Paradise? Tell me what you like! Send me a message! I wanna hear it.

Oh yeah and there’s also another style that my friend Dominika reminded me: like I Refuse, the darker stuff. Like Me Against The World, I Refuse and Last One Standing. Do you like that better? Or do you like all of it? What’s up?”

– Pierre Bouvier –