New interview with Chuck Comeau from Prague

After 5 long years, Simple Plan have finally graced us with their presence here in the Czech Republic, when they performed alongside Sum 41 at a concert in Prague. A full report from the concert is of course to come, but we figured the first thing we really need to put out is the interview we filmed with Chuck Comeau on Simple Plan’s tourbus during the afternoon before the show in Prague.

In this interview Dominika ( and Chuck discussed many subjects from the pandemic, becoming an independent band without a label and the behind the scenes of Simple Plan’s song-writing process.

Being over 37 minutes long, it is now’s longest interview to date, so make sure you make time to watch it in full.

Big thank you goes to Coalition Music, Conspiracy Concerts, Danny Vance and of course Chuck Comeau for setting up this interview. Special thanks also goes to Viola for being the best camera girl.

We hope you’ll enjoy it & we can’t wait to hear your feedback in the YouTube comments:

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