Patrick Langlois commemorates NPNHJB’s 15th anniversary

Simple Plan’s debut album is celebrating 15 years since its release today and it’s not just the band that is celebrating this big anniversary.

Over the years there probably hasn’t been a person more associated with Simple Plan, than the so-called “6th member” of the band, Patrick Langlois. Patrick started out as the guys’ friend, who took it upon himself to help the band out, spread the word about them at shows with a cassette recorder in his hands, sold their merch at the merch table, starred in the band’s music videos, took pictures, filmed videos and also ran their website. In 2009 Patrick decided to leave SP and move his career to the next level – and now we can see him doing extremely well as one of Canada’s favorite TV and radio hosts. Besides that, he still finds the time every week to record the latest Man Of The Hour podcast with Sebastien from Simple Plan.

So to commemorate the release of the record, which helped start off not only Simple Plan’s but also his career, Patrick posted a picture of Simple Plan’s first golden record for NPNHJB, along with a touching message. Read it for yourself below:

“15 years ago today, Simple Plan’s debut record “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls” came out. This album, and the 5 guys who played on it, single handedly changed the course of my life and career. I travelled the world, made friends for life and became the person I am today. Through the years, the guys always gave me my own plaques for all their amazing achievements. This was the very first one we got, and it will always be the most special. And that’s why, 15 years later, it still hangs on my wall today. Proud of the boys, their great musical legacy and the fact that they are still at it after all these years.”

– Patrick Langlois-