Seb hopes for new Simple Plan music by the end of 2018 & discusses David in a new interview

Ahead of the upcoming Australian tour, Sebastien Lefebvre did an interview with the Australian website May The Rock Be With You. In this interview, Seb discusses mostly the concept of the No Pads tour and summed up the past year, but he did also mention quite a number of information regarding the next plans for the band, which mostly include making a new record.

Sebastien’s words match his bandmates’ recent interviews, in which the guys have previously stated that they would like to focus on finishing the 6th Simple Plan album as fast as possible, as they don’t want their fans to wait any longer for the next release. Apart from that however, Seb also hopes to already have some music released this year…

Check out what exactly Seb has said regarding new Simple Plan music below:

“[…] Right now we’ve obviously got a couple more places to go on tour, but we just started a little bit of time off now, we don’t have any major tours until the Australian one so we’re sort of getting a bit of rest, I’ve already started working in my studio and I’m sure the other guys have as well and just trying to come up with some ideas, see what sticks, see what doesn’t and we’ll get to it more officially in the next few weeks or next month or something like that.

[…] As soon as we start writing and things go amazing and every song that we write is great, then we’ll head in the studio quite quickly because we would love to take a little less time between albums. However everybody wants to see this anniversary tour so we have to take a little break from writing to travel to come see you guys and other shows this year here and there which will be fun because there’s always shows to play here and there, but that is the plan, we’re gonna try to focus on writing and recording and the album I think that’s the theme for this year.

[…] By the end of 2018 Simple Plan will release some new music, that’s what I’m hoping for, maybe not a full album, maybe not anything but hopefully by the end of the year something will be out, that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for – but don’t put that on the schedule, don’t put a date on that, don’t go crazy on the fan sites – that’s just what I’m hoping for.”

– Seb Lefebvre –

As you can see, things are definitely not set in stone just yet and there’s still a whole record to be written, recorded and published, but the band is certainly already looking through all its options: Seb has already begun looking for some inspiration and in the coming weeks, the band may in fact start working on new music. At this point we also know that Simple Plan plan on breaking their “no writing on tour” rule and would like to also work on their music throughout summer – while on Warped Tour.

However, there’s still one question left to be answered: what about David? Simple Plan’s bassplayer has not been performing with the band for the whole past year, while he’s been trying to get better at home, as he revealed last year that he’s been struggling with depression for quite a while now. The question of David will of course be crucial when it comes to the planning of any new tours as well as the recording of the next album, so it was only natural that the reporter asked it in this interview with Seb as well. This is what Seb replied:

“He’s been dealing with a tough year so he’s been taking a lot of time to rest and stay at home, he’s going through a very difficult depression so he’s just slowly getting out of it, and he’s still in the band obviously so don’t start any rumours but he and us felt it was better to stay home and rest instead of getting on a hectic touring schedule all year that was extremely busy. At the moment he’s just making sure he feels good.”

– Seb Lefebvre –

There’s currently still no word on whether David wants to rejoin Simple Plan on tour anytime soon, but it doesn’t seem very likely at this point – especially given the nature of the destinations Simple Plan have on their schedule next. Keep checking back – if anything changes, we’ll let you know right away.

In the meantime, we’d like to ask you to please continue allowing David to get back on his feet again on his own time.