Simple Plan confirmed David will be involved in the 6th album recording process

It has been a very long time since the last time David Desrosiers set a foot on a stage with Simple Plan. Due to his problems with depression, he’s been on an indefinite hiatus from the band since May 2017, devoting his time to resting and working on his mental health. However, Simple Plan are just about to embark on another important part of their journey: they are just about to begin the works on their 6th album. Which is why fans have begun speculating, whether David would even be involved in the making of the new Simple Plan album and whether he would take part in the promotion of it later on at all.

Luckily last night, Simple Plan answered the first of these questions through a new Instagram post. Yesterday’s celebration of the World Mental Health Day gave them reason to address this issue head on and give fans an update on David’s current health condition. In the post, it was revealed that (assumingly) on his recent visit of Montreal a few weeks ago, Chuck paid David a visit and was assured by him that David would love to be involved in the recording of Simple Plan’s 6th album. Surely, this comes as a relief to many fans.

Make sure to check out the full new post about David by Simple Plan below:

Today is World Mental Health Day and we simply wanted to let everyone know how much we love and support our friend and bandmate David Desrosiers.

David is still working on overcoming a serious depression that has prevented him from touring and performing with us over the last few years. While we all wish he could be back to feeling 100% immediately, we also have to understand and accept that the path to recovery is a very personal and unpredictable road that doesn’t lend itself to deadlines and touring cycles. And so this is why we have given David all the time he needs to get better and get back to feeling like himself again. We know it’s been difficult and frustrating for some of you to not get more updates or news, and we apologize for that.

We had the chance to see David and talk to him a few weeks ago and he told us how important it was for him to be involved in the recording of our next album. We are extremely excited to have him be a part of Album 6 and can’t wait to hear him play bass on new SP songs!

– Simple Plan –