Simple Plan receive YouTube’s Gold Play Button for 1 million subscribers!

If you follow the YouTube community at least a little bit, you might be aware of the so-called ‘YouTube Play Buttons’, which are awarded to original YouTube creators, who surpass a certain amount of subscribers on their channels. The YouTube Play Buttons are metal plaques with the creator’s YouTube username engraved on them and they are considered one of the most prestigious accomplishments on YouTube. As of right now, there are four main types of the Play Buttons: Silver (100 000 subscribers), Gold (1 000 000 subscribers), Diamond (10 000 000 subscribers) and Custom (over 50 000 000 subscribers).

And it’s not just your favorite YouTubers that get to receive these kinds of material acknowledgements from YouTube – it’s bands too! And Simple Plan have now become one of these awarded bands by receiving the YouTube Gold Play Button today for recently surpassing 1 million subscribers!

Check out the unboxing video Chuck made when receiving this honorable plaque below:

And if you’re not already subscribed to Simple Plan’s YouTube channel, make sure to do so!