Simple Plan surprised with two special live collabs at Innu Nikamu

Last night during their show at the Innu Nikamu festival in Sept-Iles, Simple Plan brought not just one, but two surprise acts on the stage!

Firstly, during ‘Jet Lag’, the singer Mariame, who was a part of the festival’s line-up, performed the female vocals on the English verstion of the song and therefore will soon be added to the ever-growing list of female singers who sang on Jet Lag. Check out a short video of this live collaboration below:

Simple plan😍😍😍 #simpleplan #plan #simple @simpleplan

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Julie-Ann Vollant Whittemore (@youtube_netflix_sleep_eat),

The next collaboration that took place that day at Innu Nikamu was the one of Simple Plan with Shauit. Shauit, originally from the native community of Maliotenam in Northern Quebec, is a Canadian singer/song-writer, who sings in French, English and his native Innu language. Simple Plan invited him to sing the Sean Paul version of their song ‘Summer Paradise’, where Shauit very credibly delivered all Sean Paul’s lines.

Check out the video thanks to Anne-Sophie below: