Tips & Tricks: How to get ready for a Simple Plan show

After the big success of the article from a couple months back where I tried to enlist the 10 things not to do when you meet Simple Plan, I received quite a lot of ideas on more similiar articles.

This time around I chose the topic “How to get ready for a Simple Plan show”, which features a couple of tips that can come in handy when you go see the SP boys in concert again, but can also be applies to any concert of this kind.

All these articles can now be found in the “Tips & Tricks” section under “Fun”.

1. Plan your way to and from the venue

Usually getting to a show isn’t as complicated as getting home after it. Simple Plan shows usually end around 10 or 11pm and if you plan on hanging around the venue even after that, you might end up going home after midnight, which usually isn’t the easiest time to catch a bus or train back home.

Therefore make sure to plan how you can get back home or to a hotel safely even after midnight. Check the local public transport for the possibility of night buses and check their schedule.

2. Dress comfortably & practically

Make sure that your outfit that you choose to wear for a concert is comfortable – don’t forget that you will spend a couple hours waiting in either cold or hot weather and then a couple hours at the show itself, where it’s gonna be much warmer. Usually a t-shirt, pants and a hoodie/cardigan will do. But definitely make sure to check the weather forecast for the day of the show. It might be raining or snowing – and you gotta be prepared for that.

Before the show, check online if the venue you’ll be attending the show at offers a cloakroom or not. If they do, you’re ok to wear any kind of a jacket and just store it there while you’re enjoying the show. If they don’t, you’ll need to find a good place to stand during the show where you can take down your jacket and put it somewhere where other fans or security won’t mind it hanging (unless of course you don’t mind holding it in your hands for the course of the whole show).

Be aware that at a Simple Plan show you will jump a lot. Therefore your four-inch heels or flip-flops are probably not your safest bet when it comes to footwear.

If you have long hair, bring a hair ruber band and tie your hair up after you enter the venue. It will make the concert experience much better for you and also for the fans around you who won’t have to spend half the song untagling themselves from your hair.

Oh, and if you plan on attending more than one show, make sure to change at least your t-shirt – be assured that people will notice if you’re wearing the same clothes as the day before.

3. Pack only the necessary

Take only the stuff you’ll really need at the show. Forget all the expensive electronics like iPods or god-forbid any kind of computer. You will most probably spend time with your friends so you won’t have the time to be using those.

Although make sure not to forget your cell phone, in case you and your friends separate. You can also take a camera with you – but only if it’s not a professional one (venues usually forbid the use of forced flash that these can produce). A regular digital camera is fine.

Try avoiding bringing any kind of sprays or bottles, as they will most probably be taken from you when you enter the venue for security reasons. Also, don’t even try to bring in any weapons.

The most important thing that you shouldn’t forget is to bring your concert ticket and some money to buy merch or water after the show as the prices of drinks at the venue are usually pretty high.

Try to pack all that into a rather small bag, not a backpack. With a backpack on, you’re not only annoying all the people behind you (before and during the show) but you also risk being robbed. Take a shoulder bag instead, so that you can keep track of all your things at all times.

4. Stay hydrated

Now, it depends on for how long you plan on waiting in front of the venue, but you should never forget to bring some food or water with you. Even though you can’t take the water with you inside the venue, you can drink it while waiting to stay hydrated. Remember, you will sweat a lot during the show and experience lots of pushing and you will need to be prepared for a lot of exhaustion. Unfortunately the security is not always handing out water – and if it does, it usually won’t go further than to the first couple of rows. Never underestimate your own health situation before attending a concert.

5. Know your band

Trust me, you will most definitely enjoy a show a lot more if you know all the songs that are on the setlist. Make sure to check the setlist beforehand and if you don’t know the lyrics, try learning them before the show.

Simple Plan are also known for their party medleys – a mix of covers of three popular songs. To have more fun at the show, you should get familiar with these as well, even if they might not be your cup of tea.

It is also helpful to get to know the opening band a little bit.

Also, if you plan on meeting the band (either before or after the show), the least you can do is to learn their names and what they do in the band. You really don’t wanna be the one congratulating Chuck on his dope guitar solo. ;)