Tom Cheney reminisces about the first time meeting Simple Plan and congrats to their 10th anniversary

In his latest post on the Idobi radio’s website, Tom Cheney, the head of the Idobi radio, who’s been friends with the guys from Simple Plan almost since their beginning and also has been allowing Sebastien and Patrick to have their own radio show (Man Of The Hour), reminisces about the first moments of meeting Simple Plan.

Below you can check it out and also make sure you listen to the interview Tom’s recorded with the boys 9 years ago – it is very interesting to watch which things have changed and which haven’t at all :) You’ll find the link to the interview inside the article:

This came out 10 years ago
*photo of the album cover for No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls*

And it’s almost been 9 years since I’ve met these guys.
*photo of Simple Plan*

I went to see this girl:
*photo of Avril Lavigne*

And watch this guy perform magic tricks:
*photo of Evan Taubenfeld*

And then I met this guy:
*photo of Patrick Langlois*

He was working the merch table, and said, “Go back to the bus and talk to my boys.”

I was like, “What do I get?”

Pat pulled out this massive money roll, tug out a $100 bill, and slides it across the counter.

I said, “What else have you got?”

He stares into my eyes for a second and said, “I’ll make out with you.”

“Lead the way!” I replied.

If you missed that interview nine years ago, you can check it out here.

Anyways, Their debut album went platinum in four countries – double-platinum in three. Ten years and 10 more platinum certifications later, it’s been a pleasure to watch these guys and the band flourish over the past decade. I find it satisfying to see people succeed at doing what they love, and I have to add that it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys.

So here’s to the past 10 years, and to 10 more! That’s gonna be like almost two decades.