David Desrosiers

Full Name: David Philippe Desrosiers, CSM
Date of birth: August 29th 1980
Role in the band: bassist and back vocals

Basic information:

Hair color: black
Eye color: hazel
Shoe size: 9
Shirt size: S (small)


Color: white
Country: Sweden
Song: “Be mine” by Robyn
Food: good one
Drink: water
Film: Into the wild
Idol: John Travolta
Book: The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho


Sister: Julie
Dad: André
Mum: Charlotte Bernier

What does he like about other SP members?

About Pierre: his goatee
About Sebastien: his body
About Chuck: his attitude
About Jeff: his hair

Other info:

– is a vegan since 2015
– in 2017 it has been revealed that David has been struggling with depressions for a long time, forcing him not to be able to tour with the band sometimes
– before Simple Plan, David used to work at McDonald’s
– he is known for changing his hair color and hairstyles more than any other member in the band
– David is very passionate about motorbikes
– drives a Saab
– the best memory with Simple Plan is South Africa