Jeff Stinco

Full Name: Jean Francois Stinco, CSM
Date of birth: August 22nd 1978
Role in the band: lead guitarist

Basic information:

Hair color: brown (but he is bald)
Eye color: brown/green
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Shirt size: M (medium)


Color: black
Bands: U2, Ryan Adams
Song: “Two” by Ryan Adams
Food: italian
Drink: orange juice, wine, Heineken
Film: Fight Club
TV show: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Mad Men
Country: Canada
Book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossein
First concert ever attended: Aerosmith


Children: three – Maya & Zoe & son
Brothers: Jean-Philippe, Jean-Vital
Dad: ? (passed away)
Mum: Francine

What does he like about other SP members?

About Pierre: his sense of humour, his musical talent, his respect of his word
About Sebastien: he’s funny, loyal, fair
About David: he’s a joker, full of energy
About Chuck: he’s dedicated, driven, a little crazy

Other info:

– Jeff has three children – two daughters named Maya (born January 10th 2007) and Zoe (born in June 2008) and a son
– he used to give guitar lessons
– drives Audi and BMW
– his best memory with Simple Plan is the show on July 1st 2008 in Quebec City
– Jeff used to own a couple of restaurant businesses in Montreal, now he focuses only on his first one – pizzeria Mangiafoco in Montreal