Man Of The Hour

Man Of The Hour is Patrick’s and Sebastien’s side project, that was created around 2002. Currently the project is mostly known for its radio show on the Idobi radio. The show started broadcasting on August 5th 2006 and it has reached an enormous success. The guys entertain their listeners with their favourite music, news from the music industry, funny stories and they also do phone calls to some of their friends (including Chuck, David and Jeff from Simple Plan, Zac from Paramore, Patrick’s mum etc.).

The name “Man Of The Hour” originated from an on-going joke on the Simple Plan tour with Bowling For Soup in 2003. Patrick once explained it this way:

“We were on tour with Bowling for Soup in Europe and for some unexplainable reason, I started using the line “there he is, man of the hour” as soon as anyone would walk in the room. It was funny, cause it started to pick up and everyone would say it when someone would walk in the room. This was just about the time that we ended up starting this radio show so it seemed like the perfect name for the show!”

– Patrick Langlois

The MOTH show was hosted on Idobi radio from 2006 to March 2010 and from March 21st 2010 it moved to a therestrial radio station – Virgin Radio 96 Montreal (yet the podcasts from Virgin Radio have never been released). Nevertheless, since December 2nd 2010, MOTH has returned to Idobi Radio, where it’s being aired every Wednesday at 8pm EST (that’s 1am GMT on Thursday). The re-runs air every Sunday at 3pm EST (that’s 8pm GMT). The episodes are also available later on as free podcasts on iTunes and on their official website.

Man Of The Hour can currently pride itself with over 10 years of their radio podcast and over 20 seasons on air (10 episodes per season). According to Sebastien’s answer he gave to in an interview about MOTH in 2016, the podcast gets about 200 000 listeners for every episode.

Man Of The Hour – MOTH’s official website
Man Of the Hour Hour – MOTHH’s official YouTube channel
Idobi Radio – live show

In the following sections you can check out what each episode of the earlier seasons of Man Of The Hour was about:

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The details to the remaining seasons of MOTH will be added over time.